I can’t put my finger on it

It’s not often I see a picture I feel the urge to share with you, Dear Reader, for no other reason than it just looks fan-porno-tastic. In the last 48hrs I’ve cum across a couple more. (Please don’t excuse the pun – it was entirely pre-meditated.) And here’s the first.


I’ve tried to put my finger on why I love it so much, but it’s easier to find reasons I don’t like it: the collar and chain, the excessive makeup, yet another porn-star with long blonde hair, the telltale scars under her unnecessarily fake tits, the total lack of hair on her pussy (leave a little behind, please!)  …
Obviously the shiny, skin tight, red rubber catsuit is a big tick in the box. But I think it’s more that it’s unzipped. Completely unzipped. My latex fetish is primarily about the aesthetic (pretty much everyone would look good in latex!), the tightness and smoothness when you wear it, or play with someone else who’s wearing it, the process of lubing it up to get dressed, and then the polishing (or being polished by someone else 😉 )once you are dressed. This picture is as much about being undressed. Naked. Maybe it’s that she’s still wearing the rubber catsuit – it’s like the tease of basques, stockings and opera gloves – almost everything is hidden. Almost …

7 Responses to “I can’t put my finger on it”

  1. I agree about the fake tits. Why? Ugh!
    The rest doesn’t bother me that much, but again, I don’t watch much porn, so…

    Just a thought: the no hair thing, could it be because the head hair colour would not match it, revealing one more fakeness?

    Aside from that, I am not particularly into latex, so it doesn’t affect me one way or another, but I too like the idea of it being unzipped and showing everything, while still giving the impression of not being naked. Or maybe it’s the idea that we have to hurry and look, because at any time she could zip it up and we would lose access to this appealing sight?

    • Good point about collar’n’cuffs. Amongst other things I don’t understand about the porn industry is its obsession with blondes. It had never occurred to me that bushes are banished because they’re brunette, not blonde.
      (She doesn’t look in a hurry to do that zip up 😉 )

  2. I like the collar and chain, but I like being chained. I didn’t notice her breast, nor her hair. I noticed the unzipped package being offered. Presenting for Master. You can bleach or color down there….no problem. But, hair in the teeth might be awkward.

    I agree – latex is very forgiving.

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