On average

On 30thNov I received an email. The sender was making light of my situation, but I can easily forgive them that because they were right on the nail … and it was funny.
They sent me this meme which had reminded them of me:


Being the person I am, I quickly did a spot of maths.
61 days to the end of the year, icluding 10 weekends. So, 89 fucks equates a shag a day, twice a day every weekends, and at least one other day every week. Wey hey!!!

Except, I think we’ve been together for about 15yrs now.
At our best, on average, we managed sex once or twice a month. The last 8yrs have been a whole lot less than that, and the last 4 have been as baran as a desert during a drought.
At a conservative estimate I’d say we’ve only ever fucked about 150 times.

5 Responses to “On average”

  1. 😥 89/year?! Them Lucky average folk! Math was never my best subject so i’d best steer clear.

  2. Oh man I missed this post and forgive me for sending u that one but damn man it was a goodie 🙂

  3. In my good marriage, which I wish were still going strong, I’d say we averaged 25/month or 300/year. It wasn’t quite every day, of course some times it was morning, noon and night. We were pretty well-matched and I could count on her to initiate if she felt in the mood.

    Unfortunately she passed away. Nevertheless a life where sex happened most days was certainly a most agreeable life

    • I’m relationships past, I could bank on most nights (and/or mornings) “we” were together, none were cohabiting, so probably a way off 300 a year.
      This marriage, I honestly doubt there 30 notches on the bedpost from about 15yrs.
      Sorry for your loss.

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