Randy Old Yanking Gimp Boy Injects Vagina

It’s finished.
My design project.
You remember, Loyal Reader? I’ve mentioned it more than once.
Matching His ‘n’ Hers latex.
Or more specifically mine and Hers. Well that would be the intention.
Of course when I say intention I mean not even in my wildest dreams.
OK, you’ve got me there. That’s exactly what we’d be wearing in my wildest dreams.
Except I don’t have to dream to wear mine. Because I had mine made some time ago.
All that’s left is to get my Wife to consent to dressing up in rubber for our mutual pleasure.
But we all know that’s never going to happen.
So I’m left with my wildest dreams and a rubber catsuit to wank in. 

I honestly don’t know whether I dream in colour or black and white. I know I had my latex catsuit made in scarlet with white trim. I wanted gloves to go with it (more of that another time) and it’s disappointingly difficult to get decent quality latex gloves in anything but black and red: black fetishwear is such a cliché and the overbearing shadow of S&M is not to my taste, so it had to be red. Truth be told, I think I got that choice wrong, but I do love wearing it, and I think it looks fantastic. [A thought bubble appears above AM’s head. “It’s a pity I’ll never get to enjoy someone else polishing it for me.” His cock swells slightly as he fantasizes about fucking his Wife, both of them dressed in matching rubber outfits, and the thought bubble disolves with a wistful sigh.] Only two questions remain. What would have been a better colour, and how hot would my Wife have looked in a matching catsuit?


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