Happy endings or happy beginnings?

By the end of that day I was knackered. It had been a busy, and uncommonly good familial day. The down side was I was falling asleep in front of the TV at 9:30pm. She was not, so I headed for bed and sacked the idea of getting laid.

But come the morning all was resolved. The sex itself was pretty formulaic, with a couple of exceptions.

As She initially toyed with dick, in a fit of bravery I got up onto my knees, straddled Her chest, and presented Her with it to suck. With out a word She accepted the invitation. As with the previous day’s oral, I rocked backwards and forwards, occasionally my hips bucking, thrusting forward with only the slightest of conscious intention. I desperately wanted Her to take more of me, though I was realistic about the possibilities. Whilst She resisted, albeit without any overt signs, just holding my hips, I had no sense that She was unwilling to have me fuck Her mouth.

It was the first time in possibly 2yrs or more that I came in Her cunt.
Condoms are a significant inhibitor of not only unwanted pregnancy and transmission of infections, but also of my sexual pleasure. Even with the thinnest of sheathes I have used, Crown …


…I can feel barely more than pressure and warmth. Pretty much all other sensations lost. This is compounded to a degree by their diminutive size and how tightly the construct my cock. (Unlike rubbers aimed at the European market, I even have to make a concerted effort to sheath my whole length, and as you know, Loyal Reader, my endowment is far from equine proportions. So to be sufficiently pressured by Her snatch that I should drain my balls in Her was indeed an added bonus.
And it was a damn fine orgasm too. Strong enough that it was more that 5 minutes before I had composed myself sufficiently that I could manually attend to my Wife’s cunt.

As I did, it occurred to me that I have never really had the opportunity to properly acquaint myself with the topography of Her twat. Until two days previously She had barely ever entertained internal ministrations of my fingers, so it must be around 15yrs since I was regularly required to wank a woman.
I am sorely out of practice.
Don’t get me wrong, I know my way around down there, but as my Male Readers will likely testify every pussy is unique. When you can’t see what you’re fiddling with, your wrist is twisted at an awkward angle, and you’re in unfamiliar territory, in slippery conditions it is easy to lose your way. And so it was I found myself flicking Her bean too soon. Yet with a little (unprecedented) guidance from Her for both my hands, one for Her tit, one for Her pussy, we got Her vaguely to where She needed to go.
I apologised.
That may seem odd, because we both knew She had cum, but I knew I could have done a better job.
But we cuddled up and snoozed for another hour or more.

A fucking good start to the year … if you’ll pardon the pun, Dear Reader.

It might seem churlish off me to add a coda of caution, but I offer no apology. We’ be been here before. In the last 4yrs We have mutually inflicted (respectively) had 7 month, 9 month, 8 month and now all but 12 month stretches of celibacy upon each other. What has terminated each of those interminable times? Holidays. Either Xmas or Summer. So we have been here before.

So watch this space.

7 Responses to “Happy endings or happy beginnings?”

  1. I do understand your word of caution. But it is also the first time in the three years I’ve been following you that your wife’s allowed you to play with her tits or her cunt. This is a major step forward, so I am hopeful…

    I know only time will tell, and after an almost one year celibacy, to take over two days to reach climax for both of you… wow! I don’t know how you could hold it that long!
    But I guess I’m in a very different space now than you are, and the previous space I was in (with the ex) was so different and I so want to forget about it that I may not remember properly what it was really like.


    • I can’t begin to tell you how thrilled I was to to be allowed, even encouraged, to sink my fingers into Her cunt. OK, I’ll try – the mere thought has got me rock hard in less than 5 seconds!
      How could I hold back from cumming aftera year? Hmmm … now let me think … ah yes … I’ve wanked quite a lot in that time! 😉
      As for caution, well, yeah. We fucked in the holidays, and now we’re back to normality. Let’s just hope it’s a brave new world.

    • Yes, let’s hope!
      And you can always write about it in the mean time, to make sure the effect lasts as long as possible 😉

    • You think I should write about my erection? Wouldn’t that be a little vain? A bit like showing off? I’m not sure I’d know where to start where to start

    • Hahaha! No I was thinking you should write about what happened on NYE and NYD more, if it has that good an effect on you. What turned you on about being allowed to touch her breasts, her pussy… 😉

    • Oh. 😦
      There’s not a lot more to say about what happened. Well, I could get more graphic, and that’d be fun, but I’m in public as I type this and the urge to jerk off might be a bit too much.
      What turned me on is simple: mostly it was the fact that She wanted to have sex with me. It’s been a long time since I felt that. Tied up with that, the specific pleasure of playing with Her tits (other than it just being fun!) comes from permission – invariably She has stopped me before. The pleasure of being knuckle deep in Her pussy is more complicated. It’s partly down to trust, and to be trusted with both someone’s genitals and their orgasm is a powerful thing. And the fact that it meant She actively want pleasure. It proves that deep down inside there is actually a sexual creature.
      Add it all together and actually being allowed, encouraged, wanted to finger fuck Her … it’s a seismic shift.
      Of course, on top of that, it’s one hell of an ego boost to know that, even though I’m grossly out of practice and really don’t know my way around the soft, wet, hot, tasty, ripples, dips, and nubs of my Wife’s cunt nearly as well as I should, I can still make it twitch around my fingers.
      (Oh shit. Now I’m standing in public with almost a full in boner. This is your fault Dawn. You should be spanked for this. Drop your knickers and bend over …!)

    • Hahaha! Love your ending! I haven’t been spanked, really spanked in a while, and right now it’s not what I need most. So I’m fine with it 😛

      As for the rest, yes, I sort of figured it was the mental stuff that was at least as arousing as the actual physical one…

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