All or nothing

… and speaking of getting a Brazilian

I’m a big big music fan and my favorite radio station is BBC 6 Music. One of their stalwart DJs is Steve Lamacq. This in itself is of little consequence. However, yesterday morning the breakfast DJ made a quip about back, crack and Lamacq. Oh how I laughed. The irony was I was just a few minutes away from my appointment to get my crack and sack waxed.

For some weeks I have been considering going a little further than usual. Inspired by the fact that the therapist rarely removes quite as wide a strip of hair from my arse crack as I’d really like, I’ve been wondering about getting all the hair from my butt cheeks removed. And yet, considering my Wife has just re-acquainted Herself with my naked form in the last two weeks, pragmatism (it’s a conversation I both want and dread) has steered me away from the idea. But the DJ’s little couplet made me think twice. Should I go for it?

15min later, as I lay on the treatment table, half naked and vulnerable, Caroline wiping my cock and balls with a warm, damp cloth …
Caroline: What are we doing today? The usual Brazilian?
Me: Can you do everything at the back please?
Caroline: So everything off the buttocks?
Me: Yes.
Caroline: And an inverted triangle at the front?
Me: Yes please.
Caroline: Of course. How was your Xmas?

… and off we went with our usual conversation.
(As Laura Malin observed, Caroline and we end up talking about most things: depression, kids … it’s a little bit therapeutic, but we’ve never talked about anal sex!)


I’m not the most hirsute of men at the best of the time, so at a distance there’s not much visible difference, but it does feel great, and I can’t wait for my Wife to stroke my arse while we fuck.
Which just leaves two questions: will She notice, and if so, will She say anything?

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