A night in with a movie?

Having brought you free porn a few days ago, today something popped up in my social media feed that I’m sure you’ll be gagging to indulge in, Dear Reader. An ad for Controversial Classics on the British Film Institute’s website, along with an invitation for a free 30 day trial. Amongst other films, this features Maitresse, a 1976 film that might interest all my D/s readers, and which features Gerard Depardieu as he falls for a leather clad dominatrix.

Just a couple of minutes on the BFIs site led me to another collection: The Pleasure Principle. Amongst other flicks, this feature various shorts: you can visit the Exeter School Of Striptease, or watch a Nude Woman By Waterfall, or Xcitement! in which glamour goddess Pamela Green reveals all in a key ’60s striptease collaboration, or Moment, an intimate, unusual encounter with the progressive narrative of orgasm, all of which can be seen for free. Then there’s the 1977 sex comedy Over Exposed (£0.85), or Passport To Shame in which Diana Dors plays a 1950’s prostitute (£2.98), and the titillating list goes on.

As I scanned further down the list of genres, it turned out they even have an entire collection dedicated to my (and your) favorite subject. Well, well, well. I may never leave the house again.

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