Sinful Sunday 305

I don’t like this photo.
Actually I do like it, in terms of structure, but it was take hurriedly on my phone, so the resolution is poor and it’s noisy. And then it was edited with neither a mouse nor stylus to hand, with just a clumsy track pad, so the Photoshopping is ham-fisted.
But I like what it says.



Sinful Sunday

18 Responses to “Sinful Sunday 305”

  1. silverdomuk Says:

    Excellent image!

  2. lapsedcatholicwife Says:

    I like what it says indeed! I have no comment to make about it being taken on a phone as my technical eye is not technical, but I do know I like it!

  3. Wonderful . . . just like a still-life painting!!!
    Xxx – K

  4. I actually really like this image for all the reasons you state. There is a textured layered feel to it that almost makes it seem like a painting.


  5. It’s very sexy and I actually like that it’s not the cleanest shot. It says to me, that maybe you were trying to sneak the picture in before someone catches you. I like that.

    • Actually that was very much the case. Being new to Sinful Sunday I’d forgotten to take a photo, and once I’d taken it I knew how I wanted to edit it. But I could hear my Wife getting out of bed and had to rush to get it posted. (I don’t think She’d appreciate the … art?)

    • To each their own I suppose…. it’s very much to my liking and yes, I’d consider it art. 😘

  6. It definitely works for me 🙂

    Rebel xox

  7. I like the hurried urgent feel to this. Sometimes those quick snaps are far better than the perfectly edited ones.

  8. Looks like it expresses what it needs to perfectly 🙂

    ~Kazi xxx

  9. Oh goodness, I like what it says too. I also really like the way it looks! As Molly said, the texture and the color create a very painterly effect. I really like it.

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