Sinful Sunday wk 307

It’s a common image. At least in essence.

Sinful Sunday

My mission for Sinful Sunday is to not be obvious. Whilst it would be easy just to take a cock shot, the internet is full of cock shots. Not that there’s anything wrong with cock shots, any more than there is with cunt shots – having unrepentantly jerked off over more than my share of the latter and enough of the former, I would be a hypocrite to suggest that. For me, it is difficult to do a cock shot with out it feeling it is little more than porn. (Again, it will come as no surprise to you, Dear Reader, that I neither have anything against porn, nor featuring in it.) Yet despite some of the submissions being gloriously pornographic, Sinful Sunday isn’t about porn for me. It’s an opportunity to do something different.

I don’t regard myself as anything more than a competent photographer, so my focus [Ed: excuse the pun] has to be on the subject. What can I do differently that will make my Sinful Sundays interesting?

The image of pulled down panties is almost as ubiquitous as the cock shot, but invariably a cock is conspicuous by its absence. It is almost exclusively a female image. So …

Pulled down

Pulled down

35 Responses to “Sinful Sunday wk 307”

  1. Oh, that is sexy. Even more so because you normally see that pose as a female image.

  2. silverdomuk Says:

    Great image!

  3. I do like that taught red diagonal!

  4. You are absolutely right about this shot. It is almost iconic when it comes to females but rarely done with a male model. Bravo! Also I really liked reading about your thought process surrounding this image.


  5. I must commend you for having the confidence and balls to do this.

  6. love the red colorsplash….well done

  7. lapsedcatholicwife Says:

    You have a very great arse and the anticipation of what is in front is good. Personally you have seen one cock you have seen them all (but a bit like fingerprints each one slightly different)

  8. Very interesting take on the pose.

  9. Wow this photo is gorgeous! You really achieved something different. My favourite bit is your right arm and wondering what that hand is doing.
    Aurora x

  10. Very clever and dare I say, cheeky!
    And red IS my fav colour!!!
    Xxx – K

  11. There is a lot to admire in this photo! Xx

  12. This is really great! I like the way you’ve flipped the standard image around but kept the panties. I especially like the placement of your hand.

  13. Very sexy indeed!

  14. OleanderPlume Says:

    Yes! This is what I like to see – breaking gender roles with art – just fantastic and pretty damn sexy, too!

  15. I love the fact this is a ‘feminine’ pose, it adds a whole different dimension to it.

  16. I love how fun this is and how you are looking outside the box so to speak. It can be hard to come up with “new” ideas, especially when it comes to what we might find sexy but you’ve managed to do it. And I have to say, you have quite the sexy bum.

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