Wake up call

When I woke, She was knelt over me, straddling my head, pinning me to the bed.
She ground Her pussy down on my face.
She fucked my mouth with determined thrusts.


The scent of Her sex filled my nostrils as Her delicious juices trickled towards the back of my throat.
I tried to push my tongue up into Her cunt, but She was tight and I couldn’t penetrate Her.
As She wound Her fingers into my hair pulling me up against Her quim, I lapped at Her clit, reaching a hand round to finger Her.
And that’s when She started to tell me I was doing it wrong.
The vitriolic lecture on how to pleasure Her.
Then I woke up.

7 Responses to “Wake up call”

  1. little one Says:

    Oh, God! 💜

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