Inconvenience stores

Supermarkets. In the States I believe their called Convenience Stores. Well, how about a little more convenience?

I felt horny as hell as I walked into the supermarket this morning. It wasn’t  afetish for semi skimmed milk, tinned lentils or laundry softener that got my cock stiffening, nor the fantasy of getting sucked off in the snacks aisle by a friendly shop assistant.

No. It was just daylight. So I was horny. But it got me thinking.

You can buy pretty much anything. Sex included. But some things are just more convenient.

Sure I could go home, unpack my Fleshlight, lube it up, and slam my cock into it untill I empty my balls.
Or if I really felt that much in need I could delve into the local online listings for escorts, and I dare say I could be balls deep in pussy or have one grinding her cunt into my face within an hour.
Failing that, if I was really so desperate, a quick trip to Starfucks’ toilet via the top shelf of the news-stand and I could toss myself off over a porn mag in just a few minutes.
None of these would be exactly inconvenient, but where’s the modern convenience?

Wouldn’t life be better if, whilst you were wandering from Cakes & Biscuits past the Deli Counter to the chiller cabinets in search of some frozen peas, you could stop off in Aisle 7: Blow Jobs & 69s or just before you get to the checkout take advantage of Easter Promotion: Quick Fuck with free wipe down.

Wouldn’t that be more … well … convenient?

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