The Marx left by sex

There was a fight.
A big fight.
One that stems from a familiar battle ground – the efficacy of patenting styles.
A fight that spiralled off into venting about respect, the stability of our marriage and who knows what other crap.
And in the middle of all the crap, a nugget.
She said how New Year showed hope. How we did better at our relationship and there was intimacy.  And how She wants to reach out emotionally and physically on an almost daily basis, but it’s too hard
How She knows sex is important to me.
But She’s tired.
Too tired to have a libido.
She’s tried everything. She tried coming off The Pill but that didn’t help. She didn’t list anything else She’d tried.

I found myself musing on he Marxist ideal – from each according to Her ability, to each according to My needs. It seems that just like every failed communist state, those who hold the purse ultimately fail to give access to those who don’t. 

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