Just for Her

Having expected to fuck in the evening, rather than that morning, I didn’t know what to expect when She climbed into bed next to me. There was a little distance between us, but Her hand rested on my shoulder.
Was that signal enough?
I didn’t want to presume.
Neither of us moved.
After a few minutes She drew closer and draped a leg over mine.
Her: This morning you asked about tonight …?
Me: If you want …?
We dare not speak the words.
There was a little conversation, though nothing that explicitly indicated a resolution.
The conversation died.

We lay there for a while, unmoving. Her thumb moved almost imperceptibly on my hip, and ultimately I put my arm around Her shoulders and reached to stroke Her arse. Her response clearly indicated we were going to fuck.

As that morning, my touch was harder than I have dared historically. And again She seemed to respond entirely positively. Having stroked my cock till it was more than ready to be fed to Her pussy, She turned Her back to me, reached round behind Her and pulled me closer. Whilst with one hand I played with Her tits, the other ventured to warmer territory. She seemed a little twitchy as my hand grazed Her bush, so I concentrated on Her thighs, stroking and kneading them firmly.
All good … but if I ever strayed to close to Her holy chalice …
Her: It’s too much just now.
…. so I backed off.

But 5min later, after attention spent on the rest of Her, Her knees parted. An invitation. And the more I replied to it, the wider they spread. Not that more than a finger tip dipped into Her glorious wetness, nor was I foolhardy enough to trespass near Her clit, but the bucking of Her hips told me I wasn’t getting things too wrong.

Without warning She broke away.
Her: Lets get you a condom.
I reached for my bedside drawer. We had only one Crown jonnie left, and having jerked off over Her that morning, it could have been a waste of our last good rubber. So I pulled on a Durex inner-tube before She pulled me on top of Her.

As I aimed my erection down at Her snatch, She reached for it, massaging it deliberately. I was puzzled: was this for my pleasure (unlikely, considering Her cunt was on offer), because She likes the feel of dick in Her hands (I think this is not specifically the case), or did She just want to ensure my tool was as engorged as possible before consuming it? My impression was it felt pretty hard already, but Her attentions certainly did no harm, before I slid into Her hot, slick quim. Even though She was gloriously tight, Her cunt squeezing my bell-end in oh such a good way, She swallowed my length with a single, hungry movement. She pulled up Her knees and I fucked Her.

I fucked Her could be taken as a selfish act, but to me it is the contrary. If I was merely focussing on myself I would fuck me, albeit using Her. But She had allowed me to anoint Her with my pleasure that morning so the odds of me cumming were slim, especially if not bareback. No. Now it was Her turn. Or rather it was my turn to give Her Her pleasure. I expected to fuck Her, and I hoped She required me to do the same.
I gripped Her tight, just as the last few days have shown to please Her.
Slightly more gently, I ran fingers around Her tit and a licked thumb ran circles around Her nipple.
I thrust my cock home, holding still, as deep in Her cunt as I could.
I rocked in tiny movements, pulsing against Her clit.
I did the things that work for Her.
But I struggled to make Her cum.
I concentrated harder, adjusted my angle, moved to the other breast, and fucked Her some more.
Yet still there were only shadows of Her cumming.
Having diligently studied every orgasm I have ever supplied, I know that they come in myriad forms – loud, profane, convulsing, silent, brief, hungry, paralytic – and I know too how my Wife’s orgasms usually manifest. At best this was subdued. I was disappointed. Perhaps this petite mort was the strong silent type, but I wasn’t convinced.
As I relaxed, my cock still rigid and pleasingly deep in Her, my efforts subsided and we both relaxed. She thanked me. I hoped for whatever degree of earthquake She had enjoyed, rather than merely my efforts.

We curled up and went to sleep. Apparently She had shared the expectation that I was fucking Her.

2 Responses to “Just for Her”

  1. I admire you. You do want her to enjoy as much as you do… And btw sorry if I haven’t commented for a while but appearantly wordpress decided to unfollow you 😲😲😲

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