Sinful Sunday 314

After the previous night, I needed a shower.
[Note to self: Don’t take your phone into the bathroom – some nefarious hacker might take control of it’s camera.]
Sinful Sunday


25 Responses to “Sinful Sunday 314”

  1. Nice image! Love the perspective.

    Rebel xox

  2. You might get it wet too. Clever shot.

  3. well done. very clever 🙂

  4. silverdomuk Says:

    Excellent shot!

  5. This is a very lovely image. I love the angle and perspective that it is taken from.

  6. Brilliant image, some clever photography to get that perspective look with your hand so perfectly in focus. Kudos

  7. Very gripping photo . . . I know where my hand may want to stray too though !!!
    Xxx – K

  8. The hand reaching for the lens add a bitbof mystery to the picture. Was itbto obscure something, bring something else into focus, or something entirely different. Very well done.

  9. I always find it hard to take a guy picture and make it luring without feeling like porn. You have done a superb job with this image and I love how the focus is with the fingers.

    • Thanks. I know exactly what you mean about taking guy pictures> Whilst I think porn is great, and don’t mind featuring in it, Sinful Sunday is making me think hard so I’m not turning out just another cock shot.

  10. It feels a bit like an expose shot as if you have caught the photographer in the act and are going to snatch the camera away from them. Excellent shot


  11. Captured perfectly at just the right moment! What a fabulous idea!
    Aurora x

  12. Great perspective!

  13. What a great great shot! Xx

  14. I just thought you would like to know you got picked for this weeks round-up

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