None of what I needed

Her: Morning.
Me: Morning.
Her: We should get ourselves together.

It was the last morning of our holiday, and we needed to vacate the cottage in the next couple of hours.
I had been up for more than an hour, licking my wounds from the night before. It hadn’t taken much reflection to know I had been as much at fault as She had or that I that could make a conciliatory gesture this morning.
So I had taken my smart phone out and navigated to my current favourite porn site. These …

… had provided me with the necessary inspiration.
I had taken my errction to the bathroom, collected a condom from my wash bag and returned to the bedroom.

Now, mid conversation, I took my sweater and T-shirt off together, and standing so She could watch me in profile, pulled my trousers down. My silouhette could levave Her with no doubts. As I got back into bed Her hand went straight for my cock, before She even wrapped an arm around my shoulders.

Me: Sorry about last night.
She was warm. Her hand was warm. Her welcome was warm.
Her: I need to warm you up for a change.
Quite often She is cold (thermally) when She gets into bed, which is counter-productive if and when it cones to touching Her. Having been out of bed for a while, now it was I that felt cold (thermally) to Her touch.
Me: I need to warm my hands up.
Her: Why?
Me: I want to play.
Her: I’m not sure I’ll be very responsive. We can concentrate on you.
Me: That’s not what I want.
Her: Oh.
I moved my hand to meet Her’s and removed it from my balls.

A long pause.

Her: I think I’ve not really recharged enough.
I didn’t know if She was referring to the last few days of holiday or last nights fuck.
Me: Sorry. I shouldn’t have woken you.
I wasn’t, but it seemed the right thing to say.
Her: It’s ok.

We lay silent and motionless. Motionless except for the relentless twitches of my dick, clearly nudging the duvet.

Her thumb started to caress my shoulder. It could have been an absentminded action, or it could have been a deliberate response to the involuntary spasms of my frustrated member. Either way, again I moved my hand to Her’s to dissuade it.

Me: I should get a shower.

Feeling the need to make my disappointment obvious, once washed, I made sure I returned to the bedroom with my cock as erect as when I had left. If it was noted, and surely it must have been, it was not commented upon.

7 Responses to “None of what I needed”

  1. Sorry. Having since experienced how much pleasure can be derived from pleasing someone, I think I understand what you mean by saying you need to touch her and feel her respond to your touch before you can move ahead and think about your physical pleasure.
    I don’t think I understood that quite in the same way as a straight woman.
    I want to say you need to communicate, but I know it is a struggling point.
    Good luck.

  2. I just started an erotica blog if you’re interested.

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