I don’t want to play

The last few days in summary:
Wednesday night: We were sheduled to have sex. We didn’t have sex.
Thursday night: She wanted to rectify that. I didn’t. We had sex.
Friday morning: I wanted to have sex. She didn’t. We didn’t have sex.
Saturday morning: I wanted to have sex. She didn’t. We didn’t have sex.
Sunday morning: We were scheduled to have sex …
You know what, Dear Reader? I think this is a pretty crap game. I don’t want to play. 

So Sunday morning, when we’re scheduled to have sex, I made sure I was downstairs long before She was awake, and this time I wasn’t going back upstairs with an I want to fuck sign hanging from my flagpole. Was I expected to? I kind of hoped so. It doesn’t paint me in a good light, but I wanted Her to be the one to taste rejection fir a change. 

It was a long wait for Her to come downstairs. Probably more than 2hrs. And when She did, nothing was said. We barely even spoke as we both busied ourself in the kitchen. 

The rest of the day was sparse too, when it came to conversation. Conversation about anything. 

Come the evening, She went to bed before me. I stayed downstairs longer than I really wanted, but what I really wanted was for Her to be asleep before I went to bed. Much to my irritation She was still awake when I got upstairs. It was quite apparent She was waiting for me. 

When I got into bed, I turned my back. She turned off the light and put a hand on my arm. It wasn’t welcome, and I certainly didn’t want it venturing anywhere else. So I trapped it under my arm. 

Eventually She withdrew it and we went to sleep. Separate in the same bed. 

4 Responses to “I don’t want to play”

  1. Your to do list sucks.. 😦 But am keeping my hopes up u will be able to check them as Done soon..

  2. I agree with wind. Your to do list sucks. I wouldn’t be able to be in a relationship that has scheduled sex. It’s an interesting idea though

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