If not now, then when?

After the last few days, it’s difficult not to assume The Schedule has been cancelled.
I’ve been grumpy for the last couple of days, and my interest in the reality of The Schedule has waned significantly. That said, the day had been OK, and we’d mostly all been civil to each other. She and I even went to bed at the same time. And She snuggled up as soon as I joined Her in bed.

I have to apologies as, for once, Dear Reader, I’m going to be brief and not regale you with titilating details of the sex.
But there was sex.
24hrs after it was scheduled, but there was still sex.
We fucked.
And it was OK.
Inevitably She wasn’t really up for me touching Her, but even with a condom on (and I’ve been trying to finish off the inner-tubes before I crack open the new packet of [cue marketing hype] ultra-thin jonnies) there were moments when I thought I was actually going to cum in Her cunt for a change. She was aware of this and it had obviously met with Her approval, though having acknowledged neither of us were going to get there, She was perfectly happy to finish me off by hand (to use Her phrases.)

The evidence suggested She’d been paying attention when I jerked off over Her tits as, unlike most wanks She’s ever given me, She worked at my cock hard and fast, and when I started to ejaculate, She didn’t back off, but kept stroking until my balls were empty. The unusually large number of tissues that it took to wipe up my cum, from my crotch to the pillow, paid testament to just how efficiently She emptied my balls.

So where does this leave The Schedule?
I’ll be fucked if I know.

One Response to “If not now, then when?”

  1. “I’ll be fucked if I know”
    Well, glad you got some and it was satisfying. 😊

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