Sinful Sunday 315 – Branding

I’ve mentioned my favorite brand of underwear on numerous occasions. The respective company specialise in what they refer to as pouch underwear, swimwear and athletic apparel for men. Follow the above link, and somewhere I’m sure I’ve explained exactly why I like them.

Anyway …

A couple of the more recent pairs I acquired have company logo embossed into the new style waistbands. Assuming you’ve worn a strapless dress at least once, Dear Female Reader, you will know quite how readily bra straps leave their mark. I couldn’t help notice today these trunks have a similar effect.

Sinful Sunday


8 Responses to “Sinful Sunday 315 – Branding”

  1. silverdomuk Says:

    Non-consensual advertising? LOL

  2. Omg but they must be tight as hell… But I totally agree, you should demand some endorsement 😆

  3. That’s quite a nice imprint 🙂

    Rebel xox

  4. Damn!!! They must have been tight.
    Thank you for taking the pain for our benefit. xx

  5. I guess that is one way to get your brand name in all sorts of places


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