Well, that could have been awkward

I’d sent his wife a text and arranged to meet her at their house. A time was set.
Two days later I drove to the small housing estate where she works from a spare room.
On arrival, looking at unfamiliar signs, I park the car, wary of any restrictions that might result in me getting a fine. The car is registered in my Wife’s name, so any parking penalty notice would be addressed to Her and She would inevitably ask where I had been.
As I walk towards his house, he unexpectedly appears at the front door.
He sees me.
For a moment we both pause. It really is just the merest fraction of time, but it’s impossible not be aware of it.
I know it’s him. He’s a good four inches taller than me, and built like the proverbial brick shit house. The ancient, animal part of my brain automatically and instantly makes an assessment – if this turned sour, there would only be one possible outcome.
Him: Are you here to see Caroline?
Me: Yes.
He turned away and called through the open front door …
Him: Caroline, your client is here.
Client. Not an inappropriate word, but one I somehow hadn’t expected. Still, it meant he wasn’t surprised to see me.
Show no fear. Everything is normal. Show no fear.
As I’m still uneasy about the possibility of new regulations, I asked him about the parking signs, and he and I have a perfectly normal conversation about where it would be best to park.
Him: I’m just on my way out. You can park on the drive.
Me: Thanks.
As I return to my car, I hear him turn back to the house and say something I cannot discern.
He gets into his, and drives off.
I parked on his drive.
I walk into his house.
His wife greats me with a smile and asks if I’d like a cup of tea.
I accept and she directs me towards a room at the back of the house.
When she returns, we chat. About nothing particular to start with, but soon to the reason for my visit.
As we do, I take my shoes off.
Then my jeans.
And then my underwear.
Half naked, I stand before his wife, and she hand me the mug of tea.
A couple more questions and answers, and his wife indicates I should like down.
And then his wife ripped the hairs out of cock, balls and arse. Just as she has done for getting on for 5 years.
A little over an hour later, I am almost completely pubeless. My skin feels soft and smooth, if a little raw for the moment.
I get dressed, and leave.
I have barely driven 30yds from his house when I see him turn back into the road.
Because of parked cars, he gives way to the oncoming vehicle. That’s me.
I raise a hand to thank him. To thank him for giving way to an oncoming vehicle, rather than for not doing anything else he might have done in the circumstances.
I wonder if he recognises me, and how he interprets the gesture.
Well. That could have been awkward.

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