Of elephants and albatroses

(Apologies to those trying to follow this debacle chronologically: The following was originally posted out of sequence, and should have been published after Later.)

There was no scheduled sex on Wednesday night. But on Thursday morning,
half and hour before the alarm, She gets up and goes to the bathroom. When She returns to bed She rests a hand on my shoulder.
I don’t respond. It’s not exactly a forthright expression of I want to fuck.
Eventually I turn towards Her and put my arm around Her shoulder. My arm is outside the covers.
She does nothing.
At some point we disengage.

Saturnday night and we’re on the sofa.
Her: It’s Saturday …
I know that as well as She does, and I’m confident that She is just as mindful as I that we are not scheduled to have sex on Saturday.
Purely by coincidence, as She starts to speak, so do I, aboubt something uttely inocuous. But it is my comment that She follows on from, not Her’s.
10min later in bed, Her hand rests on my shoulder and She snuggles up. Not wrapped around full contact spooning, but close.
She puts a hand on my arm. I move my arm so Her hand is between my arm and my body. I don’t trap it. It’s not held, She could move it if She wanted.
She doesn’t.
Around 10 min later I’m aware of Her removing Her hand and turning away from me. I’ve been starting to fall asleep.
Some time later, I think about half an hour, She gets out of bed. I expect Her to just go to the bathroom, but the usual doors aren’t opened and closed. I don’t hear Her going downstairs. She could have gone to sit in the study. I don’t know. I fall asleep.
When I’m next aware of movement and open my eyes to look at the clock, I think it’s 2hrs later. I think that’s when She gets back into bed, but I’m barely awake so I may be mistaken.

Sunday morning I am awake and downstairs long before anyone else. When She finally comes didn’t nothing noteworthy is said.
At some point after breakfast I notice that an acquaintance who got married the previous day had, at 7:32am, via Facebook, thanked everyone who made the day so special for him and his new wife. I joke about how a young couple are logging into social media so early on their first day of marriage. My Wife repostes with a comment about how often I get out of bed so early. Neither of us say what we mean, but there is little doubt we both know.

Later that day, as we sign off on parental duties for that evening, She says something about everyone having a long, recuperative lie in. Maybe even Dad will sleep in.
An hour or two later in bed, She puts a hand on my shoulder again. It stays for maybe as much as 5min, and then retreats.

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