Sinful Sunday 317 : Frames

There are so many ways to interpret the word frame. I looked the definition.

frame /freɪm/
1. a rigid supporting structure that surrounds something such as a picture, door, or windowpane.
2. a person’s body with reference to its size or build.
3. surround so as to create a striking or attractive image.

Sinful SundayI think this covers all of those, one way or another.


20 Responses to “Sinful Sunday 317 : Frames”

  1. I agree, the image definitely works with the definitions. Lovely image!

  2. silverdomuk Says:

    Yes, i think it does. Very nice.

  3. victoriablisseuk Says:

    An inspired frame!

  4. Stunning image!

    Rebel xox

  5. The last one for sure!

  6. Very interesting image, this one

  7. I should try this. Cool pic.

  8. How clever! Your photo really does fit all the definitions. A fantastic close up!
    Aurora x

  9. What a clever twist to the prompt, brilliant!

  10. Yep, that covers the definition of frame pretty well!

  11. Indeed it does, on all three counts


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