2 Responses to “Privacy panic”

  1. Right! I am. But contacts in my phone are only people I know IRL and whose names I could (mostly) explain away as friends. Some are a little bit more than friends, but..

    One thing that worries me is pictures that I may forget to erase… and may fall under the inquiring eyes of children not meant to see them if they were to swipe…

    I try to be good with that. Fingers crossed!

    Thanks for this reminder though 😊

    • I think the only phone number I might need to explain is for the woman who waxes my pubes. But maybe that’s a conversation we should have. Ha ha!
      I know what you mean about swiping the wrong way with pictures. Years ago I briefly had a porno wallpaper on a phone – a geek friend asked if she could see the phone and I had to do a very quick settings change while she impatiently waited for me to hand it I to her. Never again!
      The upside of this new phone is it has a Private folder, so WordPress (sex blog), Tumblr (porn), browser (more porn, sex toys, etc) and photos (selfie porn) can all hopefully be kept from prying eyes.

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