Why wouldn’t you?

A few weeks ago I woke from a dream about Her going down on me. Just as with Her real blow jobs, She was taking no more than my helmet in Her mouth, despite my gentle nudges forward.
Me: Could you suck more of my length, please?
I don’t think it was an unreasonable request. When giving head, a mouth is, in a sense, a surrogate pussy. I think it’s a fair assumption that most people, male and female, would be dissatisfied with only an inch of pussy penetration, and thus just getting your tip fellated is not going to be the best oral sex.
Her: I couldn’t get any more in my mouth.
Me: You could, really.
Her: Don’t you dare try tell my how much I can get in my mouth. Anyway, you said you were bigger than average!
Me: Thicker, not longer. And I’m not huge so it’s really about technique.
Her: Whatever. I couldn’t suck any more.
Me: You could deep-throat me if you wanted to. You just need to know how. There’s plenty of advice on how to do it online.
Her: And now we get to it. Yet again porn giving men unreasonable expectations about what women should do and perpetuating misogyny.

I don’t remember if the argument went any further in my dream. Either way it has set me off fantasising. Not about deep-throat, though I’d be curious to try it at least once, but rather about cumming in Her mouth.

Granted, it’s a porn staple, and on those grounds alone it would be easy to subscribe to my Wife’s stance on blow-jobs. But cumming in someone’s mouth is a genuine pleasure, and in more than one way.

Firstly I have to admit there is an eroticism to CiM, in the same way there is to anything kinky. Nice people don’t do that sort of thing. So naturally those of us who revel in perversion want to do that sort of thing.

Secondly, and for me far more significant, is the physical pleasure. Both mouth and cunt are hot and wet. With an enthusiastic suck, a mouth can feel tight, if not tighter. And to have your jizz sucked out as you unload is a sensation that is difficult to describe.

Just as it takes two to fuck, it takes two to engage in oral. The received wisdom is that a lot of women don’t enjoy, or even permit their partners to ejaculate during oral. And I suspect as squirting is a mystery to many women, it hasn’t even crossed the minds of most men what it would be like to have a woman ejaculate in their mouths.

Yet I would ask them all, why wouldn’t you want your lover to cum in your mouth?

Making someone cum is a pleasure.
Making someone cum with your mouth is even better.
And considering how great a pleasure it is to cum in someone’s mouth, why wouldn’t you want to give them that pleasure too?

11 Responses to “Why wouldn’t you?”

  1. I met a man who made me squirt on the dance floor. Impossible to keep it in.
    He smiled, said “I love it” and when we later fucked, he gave me oral with, I felt, the clear goal of lapping my ejaculate, commenting profusely how much he wanted me to keep doing it and allow him to keep lapping.
    It wasn’t unpleasant 😉
    As for allowing a man to come in my mouth… it’s one of my pleasures, why waste a drop? 😊

  2. jcisme123 Says:

    Amen!!!!!!!! Love to cum in a man’s eager mouth as much as I love tasting them too!

  3. Umm, this is a very touchy subject — what some people can/want to do… Your partner might not be in to it, so asking for more is a lot. Better to come at it “This feels so good, would you be willing to try and take me a little deeper?” It’s the partner’s right to say “yes” or “no”. As it would be your right if you were sucking someone’s cock.

    • It just depends on the person you dream about or connect with IRL

    • If you’re refering to me wanting my Wife to suck more than just my helmet, you’re absolutely right. But that conversation was in a dream and, whilst I would definitely like Her to suck more than just my helmet, and I’m sure Freud would say my dream needed no interpreting, it is just one of 1000 desires I would not foresee ever addressing with Her. (I seem to have touched a nerve. Perhaps Freud would have something to offer about the feelings it has brought to the surface for you?)
      As for the theory that one’s partner might not be into it, my partner isn’t really into sex, so asking Her for more is a lot. Put that boot on the other foot, and I’m not into celibacy, so Her asking me for more patience is asking a lot.
      Either way, the post was not intended to be about how much cock is sucked, but rather it was to question why you wouldn’t want your partner (male or female) to ejaculate in your mouth.

    • Got it. It just went on for a long time and that the thoughts were given serious weight wo ever being in the reverse position (as far as I know), I thought another view might be needed. Just erase my comnents if you were offended.

    • Cock sucked or ejaculate? Come under the same heading – “Have you been there before passing judgement”. I can say, “yes” to both and my joy depends upon who is my partner.

    • Maybe I am unusual in deriving disproportionate pleasure from the act of giving pleasure in relation to the effort, be it physical or mental, that that may require on my part.

    • Again, for me, oral on someone I loved dearly was not good at all. Yet, on another was fabulous. Smell, size, feelings, whatever it was — I don’t know. But, my intimacy with him for 20 + years, ran another way and that was ok.

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