Sinful Sunday 318

Of last week’s Sunday Sinners, one fo my favorites was undoubtedly If I had a dick for a day. Who amongst us hasn’t wondered what it would be like to swap genitals and orgasms with the other gender for just one day, and contemplate what we would try if we were otherwise equipped.

And indeed, my initial thought was to complement The Other Livvy’s picture with an homage entitled If I had a pussy for the day.
From there it was just the smallest jump to the good old mangina picture.
And that was the plan.

Having taken the requisite photo, it obviously needed a little treatment, including framing and cropping. And in the process I ended up with something other than what I intended. Somehting a little more abstract, but I think a little more interesting.

Sinful Sunday

24 Responses to “Sinful Sunday 318”

  1. Oh, I love this picture so much. It’s simple and abstract and brilliant.

  2. Oooh what a fantastic idea 🙂 I love this – the edit you have used has made it very realistic to portraying a woman 🙂

  3. silverdomuk Says:

    Very well done! This is a lovely shot.

  4. These ideas are so interesting and prompted a great image.

  5. This really is a brilliant edit! Isn’t it fun to play around with images?

    Rebel xox

  6. This is a fabulous image. I love the way we are left wondering exactly what part of the body this is.

    As for the genitals for another day thing, I am definitely the odd one out when it comes to that as I have never given it a moments thought


    • Your homework for the next week: think about what you’d do if you had a clock and balls for a day. 500 word essay, on my table by the end if the week, or you’ll be sent to see the headmaster.

  7. This is fabulous! I too adored the other livvys photo last week. Yours is equally great and thought provoking!
    Aurora x

  8. I love the thought process on this. Such a cool idea and nice execution

  9. tabitharayne Says:

    This is superb – the idea, inspiration and execution. Love it x x

  10. This is fantastic, very intriguing.

  11. Very clever (and lovely) image. I like that it makes the mind imagine what is on the outside of the frame.

  12. Love the detail on this and the totally abstract nature. Very cool pic!

  13. jerusalemmortimer Says:

    Great idea, and well executed – even if accidentally!
    Great picture indeed!

  14. What an inspired idea. Great shot! Xx

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