We speak in code

Saturday morning. 8am.
I’d been sat at my desk working for two hours, frantically trying to beat a deadline, while the rest of the house slumbered.
She came into the study to say good morning and tell me breakfast was ready.

Her: The bagels are warm.
Me: Matron!
Her: I was thinking more the eagle has landed.

I apologise to those outside the UK, or at lease those not versed in 1970s British comedy, on whom the Matron reference may be lost. Suffice to say it’s akin to Said the actress to the bishop, the entire repertoire of Finbarr Saunders (see comic strip excerpt below) or, according to Wikipedia, a variant of the North America phrase that’s what she said.

It seemed quite telling that my misinterpretation was one of sexual innuendo, whilst Her’s referenced fiction of The Cold War.

One Response to “We speak in code”

  1. Had to snort at “the Eagle has landed…”

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