Sinful Sunday 322

Having liked the abstract nature of my last Sinful Sunday submissions, a week or two back I stumbled across some abstract photography in a gallery. I really like how it is possible to depict something very real, in an absolutely literal manner, and yet make somehow less real. Unreal. Abstract.

Sinful Sunday

Abstract #2


8 Responses to “Sinful Sunday 322”

  1. You’re testing my anatomical knowledge as I have no idea what this is of! Either way its a fantastically interesting photo! I absolutely adore this idea.
    Aurora x

  2. This is fascinating and I spent quite a while trying to work it out but like Aurora I couldn’t work it out


  3. (In case you don’t get a notification of the above reply … this.)

  4. This is fantastic!!

  5. What an awesome shot ❤ Really gets the mind working x

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