Collar and cuffs

We were heading out to a big family get-together; the sort where smart dress was de rigueur. I couldn’t help notice that amongst the clothes She’d laid out on the bed were The Infamous Red Bra and Panties. Conspicuously, although there was also a suspended belt, it wasn’t the one that matched.

As my Wife was getting dressed, and started to put Her blouse on, our youngest walked into the room and offered some advice:

Kid: Mummy, it looks better if …
The sentence faltered briefly, as if there was some degree of uncertainty.
Kid: … if you leave your shirt off.
That was an interesting comment from a pre-teen, albeit one with more awareness of personal aesthetic than their Mother frequently exhibits. Equally, it was an opinion I can happily say has not been remotely influence by anything I have said, as it is an issue I have diligently avoided in such company. And whilst I suspected I understood the perspective, it was a conversation in which I was far too prudent to involve myself.

My Wife didn’t instantly pick up the baton.
Kid: It looks nicer if your bra and knickers match.
Again a brief pause …

My Wife: Yes it does.
And nothing more was said.
Most certainly not by me.

One Response to “Collar and cuffs”

  1. Better not to say anything…safer…

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