Keeping a secret

Received wisdom would have us believe size isn’t important. Obviously not all women agree – some like big, and possibly even more like small. But whatever your preference

, Victoria’s Secret on the corner of West 34th Street and 6th Avenue NY is surely big enough to cater for all tastes. Although I didnt have the opportunity to venture inside, from across the street I couldn’t help wondering if the concentration of panties per square foot couldn’t possibly be higher anywhere else in the world. A steady stream of customers through the doors each time I passed, suggested that didn’t cease when I wasn’t looking. Because barely a quarter hour passed in that vertiginous metropolis when I didn’t see a woman proudly advertising her knickers came from one of Victoria’s many collections.

The designer label shopping bag has been a fashion accessory for some years and on a trip to any western city centre you are certain to see (predominantly) women carrying glossy carrier bags branded with logos of Karen Millen, FCUK, Armarni …

The bags make a statement. I care about what I wear. And I wear what others care about. Which, if you subscribe to fashion culture, is understandable. Its a badge of honour. But when it comes to underwear?

Having not had the opportunity when in NYC to browse through even more pairs of colourful, figure enhancing pants(uk) than I have in my own smalls drawer, I did an google image search for Victoria’s Secret most modest underwear. I half expected to find an article in the Huff Post, in which a diligent journalist had ploughed through the entire range in search of something your Great Aunt Nelly would approve of. (Assuming that is, that Nelly wasn’t a stripper in Vegas or on Great Windmill Street)

Let’s just say there’s not much my Wife would buy.

You have to wonder. The bag tells you about someone’s knickers, but would she want you to know about her intimate apparel? Maybe I’ve just lead too sheltered a life, but I would have thought that there are few women who would actively want everyone to know they’re under-wearing … and yet they will happily advertise the fact by carrying the bag their intimate apparel came in.

There’s something not very secret about Victoria’s secrets.

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