Of course it matters

And whilst we’re loosely on the subject of size, I’d like to say, yes, absolutely, without a doubt, it does. Size matters.

As I was jerking off over some fantastic animat-o-porno-graphs, I came across a set of images of a guy with a huge cock. [When I say I came across a set of images, I should say it wasn’t that set of images over which I ejaculated. I did that a little later over animat-o-porno-graphs of different couple fucking.] And when I say huge, after only a few seconds of research I learned just how huge, as it transpired that it belonged to Danny D. His dick, I learned, is an eye-popping 10½” long. I’ve made no secret of that fact that I don’t have the longest tool in the toolbox, but this member of the British porn fraternity has a member that is almost twice as long as mine.

Yet I don’t feel under-endowed. [Ed: I’ll save AM the trouble of blowing his own trumpet … not that he wouldn’t blow himself daily if he were flexible enough .. but he does find a little consolation in knowing he’s not the thinnest tool in the toolbox either.]

Sure, Danny’s “D” is certainly big enough to make his co-star smile …

… but she hasn’t got much hope of getting it all in her mouth …

… and as I’ve watched her having it thrust into her cunt for at least 10 minutes [Ed: if nothing else, you can’t say AM isn’t diligent in his observation] barely half the length of the trouser Anaconda is in her before its Danny has to stop.

It might be easy to envy a guy with a big cock, but the plain, biological reality is, that unless your partner has a big pussy, a not insignificant proportion of your manhood is going to go to waste.

There is a sexual paradox here. Big is better. No man wants a small dick. And there are probably even fewer women who want their man to have a small dick than want small tits. But cunts are generally perceived to be better if they’re not big. The tighter the better … right?

Yet a big cock needs a big cunt to fit into.

I used to fuck someone (Fiona) with a small cunt … or at least a short cunt. Though not excessively so, it was pleasingly tight, but if we got the angle of penetration right, it wasn’t uncommon for my helmet to nudge against her cervix. With hindsight I wonder how she coped with the 10″ of her ex-husband. She loved getting buggered, and I can only assume that the only times his balls slapped against what mine did, he must have been fucking her arse. For surely she needed a bigger cunt to accommodate his big cock?

And just in case you want to test my theory, or indeed find out if your pussy is big or small, you can buy an exact replica of Danny D’s “secret weapon”. Do let me know how you get on with it.

4 Responses to “Of course it matters”

  1. I’ve never seen the interest in fucking a big cock. The mere sight of it makes me want to run away!
    I got to try a reasonable array of sizes. I found that different sizes are better for different pleasures.
    Thinner is better for oral and anal it seems. For me at least.
    I’ve never had a lover with as big a tool as the one described here and I don’t mind. It’s more important for me to like the man attached to said dick.
    Smaller can be very satisfying. Again, it depends on the man and 1) the relationship I have with him 2) how well he knows how to use it.
    I tend to prefer thicker over longer, but as I’ve said: thinner has advantages!

    • But do you think you’d feel the same with a bigger pussy? (I’m assuming yours is roughly average, and therefore can accommodate and average cock.)

    • Had typed a ling reply. It’s gone now. Ugh!
      So, to make it short: I enjoy fisting and don’t think you could say my pussy is “average” in that sense, at least widthwise.
      I think the biggest difference I can feel is in width. Length, you find solutions to accommodate the varying lengths, different positions.
      Also, the vagina is an impressive organ that is able to stretch and adapt to different sizes, especially when subjected to hormones. I’m pretty sure that pussies adapt (with a little time and practice maybe, in the most extreme cases as pictured here) to the size of the cock fucking them. 😊

    • I’m sure you’re right in terms of width – certainly there seems to be plenty of evidence you can “exercise” your pussy to make it tighter, and fisting (amongst other things) proves a cunt can accommodate un-cock-like further – but is be genuinely surprised if there’s much that can be done to increase capacity for length.
      Obviously I have neither experience or need of that, and I’m more than happy to be proved wrong.

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