Happy Friday

It would me tempting to start this post with a political rant about western society being obsessed with getting more for less. But fuck it! It’s Friday. And who doesn’t like a discount. Especially when it comes to sex toys. I’ve been meaning to order a

couple of items from Bondera for a while, but when a one-day-only 25% discount code popped onto my screen … well, what’s a boy supposed to do? [Ed: Shouldn’t a discount on sexy toys really be called a discunt?] Add in free 48hr delivery, and I should have two new deliciously deviant devices on Monday or Tuesday.

Well that has cheered me up!

Oh yeah. I didn’t say what they are, did I? Well you’ll just have to be patient. 

Have a cum-tastic weekend, all you gorgeous peverts! 

Just for the record, my only connection to Bondera is as a customer. And a very excited one at that. Not that I’d object to plugging their wares in return for the occasional freebie. If they’re reading this. Just sayin’.

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