I deplore click-bate. The way it lurks in your peripheral vision as you surf websites. Obviously on porn sites it’s there to get viewers clicking on premium downloads that will empty their wallets faster than they can empty their balls, but even on Not-NSFW sites it’s there at the side or bottom of your screen, appealing to your baser curiosity.

Most of the time I manage to resist. There’s more free porn than even I could ever jerk off over so I don’t need to pay for that, and the idea that some F-list celeb might have

shared pictures of her bald pussy online is rare to get me clicking. [Ed: Yes, Dear Reader, AM did get suckered by that one, but he is human, and he likes pussy.] Today I was assailed by the headline 15 Women Who Should Have Tried On The Dress Before Buying It. It wasn’t the headline that hooked me, nor just the picture with which it was bated, but rather the combination.

Ok. The model on the left is reasonably hot, even if she looks seriously high maintainance, and she’d certainly grab my attention at a party.

But the woman on the right, who’d bought the same dress? Fuck! I’d be stiffer than ta stiff thing if my Wife went to a party with me wearing that dress.
[Ed: I sincerely hope AM means His Wife would be wearing the dress. I’m absolutely certain it would turn a few stomachs if he wore it to a pary!]

Granted, the pink slippers are a fashion faux pas, but I assume she wasn’t intending to go out wearing them, so I’m more than happy to gloss over that. But to pillory her because some cunt in at a photo desk (and for the record, I do mean to use the work cunt in the most pejorative way possible) should deride her because they’re not hot enough to carry it off? Well they can fuck right off. If anyone has this woman’s phone number, call her up right now and tell her I’ve just cum over the pictures of her.

5 Responses to “Don’t-click-bate”

  1. Well, for ladies like me it is somewhat reassuring!!

    • Whcih bit is reassuring? That somone thinks she’s too fat to wear the dress, or that I’ve just tossed myself off whilst looking at her?

    • Funnily enough, that you’ve tossed yourself off 😊
      I know this is something that you may struggle to understand, considering your experience with your wife not wanting to be objectified.
      But yes, to know someone finds her (me) attractive enough to be aroused is reassuring. That someone could find her MORE attractive than the model… even better 😉
      I guess what made the difference fir you is the fact that you can imagine actually MEETING her, TOUCHING her, whereas the model may stay unattainable?

    • The model also looks decidedly high maintainence!

      Actually it makes perfect sense to me that someone might find it gratifying to know that they might be the reason someone masturbates. My Wife is not the only woman I’ve slept with, and it is with great fondness that I recall more than one of Her predecessors being please that I jerked off whilst thinking of them.

    • Yes. I agree with the high maintenance. Though I didn’t think it would matter much to someone for wanking over.
      Ah well, I discover more about the make soul every day! 😊

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