New toys Pt1

Two new toys.
One steel. One silicone.
One external. One internal.
Both stretch.

The first …

Some time back, I seem to remember one of your number, Dear Reader, describing my ball stretchers as pretty, and if this new one isn’t a thing of kinky beauty, I don’t know what is.

For reasons I can only guess at, it’s called a Wedding Ring. To my mind, it’s not exactly wedding ring shaped, and it would be an unconventional wedding if you fastened one of these around your partners testicles mid ceremony. But what do I know. Either way, I’ve wanted one for a very long time, and now …

There are several subtle differences between this perverted delight and my other ball weights.

  1. Whereas the cross-section of my older ball stretching collars is loosely square, this is round. I remember that, some time back, I read this was supposed to be more comfortable, where the ring bares down on your nuts. I was skeptical, but it is indeed noticeably more comfortable.
  2. The two halves of my other two stretchers bolt together, each with two bots. This has only one; the place of the second being taken by a spigot. As a result, it took a couple of minutes to figure out how best to fit the collar round my scrotum. I’m still working on that, despite having worn it several times. (For those with an engineering mind, the problem is stiction arising from even slight misalignment of the spigot.)

  3. The faces of the ring that fit together have a slightly more chamfered edge than the square design, which I guess is intended to make it just a little harder to pinch your sack when clamping the weight into place. I’m not sure this makes much difference, but it’s a sign these are pretty well made.
  4. The internal diameter of the new ring is smaller – 30mm compared to 36mm. I had originally ordered a 36mm ring, but when it arrived it was immediately apparent that, because of the cross-section, the smaller ring was going to be much better. And it fits perfectly.
  5. Again due to the circular cross-section, there is a little less metal in the new stretcher, which mean it weighs proportionally less: about 180g / 6½oz compared to 200g / 7oz. Not necessarily a disadvantage as, with the three rings adding up to just shy of  600g / 1lb 5oz, there’s certainly no need for more weight to hang off my bollocks at the moment. Indeed, I wouldn’t want any more until my ballbag and spermatic chords have stretched a little more. And I definitely won’t be running with all three in place.

As for wearing all three?

I was hoping that, having bolted two weights into place, as I have been doing so, (albeit now with the new ring at the bottom, against my jewels) it would be easiest to fit a third ring in between. And this works a dream! With all three in place, there is a full 4.2cm / 15/16” of stretch. Lovely!

The weight is quite a lot take. If I’m seated, the with my balls and stretchers supported between my thighs, and the stretch is just coming from the size of the collars, that feels great. If I stand and let the full weight of all three rings bear down on my nuts, I have to say, I have to walk really quite cautiously to avoid that kick in the balls sensation. (Some may be a fan of that. I am not.) In time, if I can get my balls to hang maybe 1cm lower, I suspect the weight won’t be quite as much of an issue.

All round, I have to say I’m really pleased with this purchase, to the extent that I am thinking of replacing my two older stretchers with another two, matching Wedding Ring stretchers.

Footnote 1: As and when I have time, I may well revisit my recent Sinful Sunday submission with this new stretcher.
Footnote 2: In the last year or so, it seems more and more split-ring ball stretchers are made with magnets rather than bolts. Initially I thought that would be a good idea, but if you ask me, having the two halves snap together in a way you don’t entirely control is just asking to get your scrotum badly pinched! Not for me, I think!
Footnote 3: A review of my second new toy will hopefully come soon. Life has been busy at Accidental Towers, and is about to get busier, but I shall do my best to find a few moments for a little perverstiy.

7 Responses to “New toys Pt1”

  1. I probably wouldn’t recommend magnets so close to the place sperm is made either. I mean, they don’t recommend wearing your phone in your front pocket, I’m sure this is worse!!

    • I disagree.
      Magnetism and the electromagnetic radiation from things like phoness are very different in terms of their effects on biological systems. IIRC the significant factor is their ability to cause ionisation and disrupt molecular bonds. You need a phenominally powerful magnet to do either, so I’m pretty sure it’s not an issue.
      (Whether or not mobile phones present a healt risk is highly contensious anyway.)

  2. Are any of these painful?

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