Family planning?

It’s 3 days since we fucked. Before that, about 2 weeks. And before that about a month. I have to concede that’s an upward curve, but after the last time, I’ve not been expecting anything more. Not for the forseeable future anyway. I gave up the last time we talked about sex. I had given up on sex altogether, but if She’s going to persist once in a blue moon, it’s probably nominally easier to fuck Her than fight with Her. If She wants to fuck, and I’m not not-in-the-mood, I’ll fuck. If I want to fuck, I’ll assume She doesn’t and I’ll probably have a wank. The path of least resistance.

Then, out of the blue, as She’s leaving the house …

Her: Before I forget, we’re out of condoms. Can I leave it to you to get some more of which ever ones you like … or dislike least?
Me: Ok.
Her: I’d better get going.
… and She was out of the door.

I genuinely didn’t expect that.
I was pretty sure we’d used the last jonnie 3 days earlier, but I really didn’t expect Her to think proactively about that. Granted, it was (for Us) pretty good sex – depending on how you define the female orgasm, I would say She came several times; She allowed, and seemed to enjoy me playing with Her quim for a change; I don’t remember ever being so copiously covered in pussy juices, with my Wife or anyone else; and for far longer than I care to remember, I came in Her cunt – on reflection, I think it’s fair to estimate that may have been the best sex either of us have had in years. So it’s not beyond the realms of expectation to think She might want to fuck more often.

Add to that, we’re coming up to the school holidays, She has a backlog of leave to take, we’ve got a couple of family trips planned, all of which will mean She’s less tired, and more interested in sex. Again, this may have been a less spontaneous comment that I’m giving Her credit for.

So … as soon as I’ve hit Publish on this post, I’m off to to place a bulk order of rubbers.

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