I present Exhibit A

Having toiled away in the man-shed all day, I was hot and sweaty and desperately in need of a shower and a beer. Everything I was wearing was sweaty and …

The new washing machine had been delivered, and the backlog of laundry was slowly being tamed. The first couple of loads had been washed and dried, and She had put some of it away. So She’d visited my underwear drawer. The draw that wasn’t really doing a very good job of hiding a small item of rubber fetishwear at the back. Or it had been at the back, until somehow the hiking socks hiding it had fallen forward it and the rubber wasn’t quite as concealed as I’m sure it must have been the last time I got dressed. I swear Your Honour.

And into that drawer, She’d neatly stacked my clean smalls. (I have to say, not as neatly as I do myself, but you’ll have seen yesterday, She is not as concerned about how neatly Her underwear drawer is than I am.)

Give me your opinion, Objective Reader:
Look at the purple latex thong in the back right hand corner of the drawer.
Then look at the yellow and “nude” tangas in front of it.
Consider their proximity.
Consider the process of putting 10 pairs of your partners underwear in the drawer.
Consider what you might be looking at as you open the drawer and where your attention might be.
Do you honestly think there is any possibility that She could have put the clean underwear into the drawer and NOT noticed the rubberwear?

Just in case you’re not sure, here’s a closer, at Exhibit A, both before and after She’d put the laundry away.

And still She says nothing!
I’m starting to wonder whether, if I left my rubber catsuit out on the bed, next to a couple of vintage fetish mags, my handcuffs, butt plug, ball stretchers and my Fleshlight, a porno movie on the TV (paused mid money shot) and a pile of cum soaked tissues carelessly discarded on Her pillow, whether that would still fail to solicit a reaction.

11 Responses to “I present Exhibit A”

  1. Why don’t you ask her?

  2. jcisme123 Says:

    Or better yet wear them for her. She might think they look snappy. (Yes that was a rubber joke!)

  3. I have no idea if she saw them or not, but I do know that I LOVE the colorful underwear you have! HOT!!

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