Not on my watch

Having tried our hand at Game Of Thrones, we searched the catalogues of shows that passed us by for binge-worthy box sets. Having been long standing fans of the Buffy franchise, we decided to give Grimm a go. (In case it hasn’t crossed your radar, it’s a series that rewrites Grimm’s Fairy Tales in a modern setting.) As with GoT, ep 1 was passable.

That was last week. Now …

I’d drunk too much. It’s a habit at the moment and, I confess, has been for a while. But I was happy drunk. With hindsight I was also hair-trigger drunk, in as much as it wasn’t going to take much for me to be grumpy drunk.

We were sat on the sofa, and I pulled Her towards me. She obliged and snuggled up.
Then She said

something insensitive – it’s not uncommon and I’ve learned to live with that – but it was probably something relatively innocuous. I withdrew my arm from around Her and bodily withdrew from the intimacy.
Her: Are you sulking?
I considered the question for a moment. Even that irked me.
Me: Yes, I’m sulking.
Fuck! If She’s going to use terms like that, yeah, I’m gonna fucking sulk!
See, Dear Reader? Hair trigger drunk.

She returned to Her end of the sofa and Her iPad.

I picked up the TV remote and searched for something that I wanted to watch.
I settled on Grimm. Ep 2. it hinted at being a reworking of Hansel and Gretel, albeit one in which the two protagonists break into someone’s house and, after Gretel acquires a hat and fur coat from somewhere in the house and …

… she strips for Hansel and they fuck.

I was grumpy drunk.
I was angry at my Wife.
For me at least, sex is a major source of angst. But watching other people fucking on TV is not somethign I want to do with my Wife especially when I’m in this mood.
Before the fur coat had even hit the ground, I grabbed the remote, turned the TV off, and curtly announced I was off to bed.

An hour or two later, She came upstairs.
I had been asleep, but woke when got into bed.
I put an arm out for Her. An apology? A request for reconciliation? I don’t know. Whatever it was though, there was no reciprocity.
I briskly (and sulkily) turned my back on Her.

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