Finally She mentions the underwear drawer

She was ironing.
I was watching TV.
And out of the blue She said …
Her: Your new sock draw layout confused me for a moment. But I think I put everything in the right place.
Me: I’m sure it’s fine.

And that was it.
Comment made.
Comversation done.
Acknowledgement of Her husband’s fetish for rubberwear and unmanly manties … nope. Not a word of that.

3 Responses to “Finally She mentions the underwear drawer”

  1. Well, you could have used the straw she was offering to start the conversation too 😊
    You both seem to not want to have this conversation… not really.
    Or maybe it is that you want her to do all the work. Maybe she didn’t know how you felt about her seeing your fetish. Maybe she didn’t want to make you feel uncomfortable.
    So she tried starting the conversation, waiting to see how you engaged in it to continue it…

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