I won’t tell if he won’t

My phone buzzed in my pocket, alerting me to a text message.
Darren’s SMS: Are we still on for tomorrow?
My SMS: Absolutely.
A week earlier I’d arranged to meet Darren to chat about helping him out on a job. When we’d exchanged emails,  I’d suggested I knew a cafe just off Oxford St, though hadn’t been specific.
(Don’t worry if you don’t know where that or any other locations mentioned are.)
Darren’s SMS: Anywhere in particular? Or there’s a cool place on Warren St.
In my head: I know there is, but I’m not going to suggest it.
My SMS: Ok. I’ll meet you outside Warren St Station.
Darren’s SMS: Cool. See you tomorrow.

Tomorrow came and we met as agreed. Greetings were exchanged.
Darren: There’s a cool place down here.
We headed down Warren Street, chatting about what we’d been up to since we last met and crossing the road to the wrong side for the cafe I knew.
As we approached it, I noticed it had not yet opened for the day. It’s not a cafe that shouts about its presence in the way many do, but a modest A-board with its name sat outside the door.
We walked on past.
At the corner of the road Darren stopped and turned back.
Darren: Hmmm. Maybe it’s gone. How about we just go here?
He motioned towards at a cafe a couple of doors away.
Me: Sure.
Darren: Oh. There it is!
He pointed across the road as he spotted the A-board.
Darren: Coffee Cake & Kisses …. ah … it’s closed. Oh well.
We walked on and found somewhere else.

To be honest, I’m surprised that Darren suggested it. When Coffee Cake & Kisses was in its original premises a mile and a half away in Covent Garden, it was called Coffee Cake & Kink and was proud to be London’s only kink friendly cafe. Seven years after being pushed out (and nearly out of existence) by an unsympathetic landlord in 2008, it found its new home, with a slightly lower profile.

But aside from being a cafe, Coffee Cake and Kisses is still a venue for Coffee Cake and Kink events, kinksters, queers, fetishists, and all those who step off the most openly trodden sexual paths. In the last 12 month they have hosted events including Puppy Pride Easter Egg Hunt, Poly Coffee, SM Dykes, LGBTQ gatherings and seminars on how to expand your sexuality. Unless you’re a London based kinkster, or work round the corner (which neither Darren nor his girlfriend do) it’s unlikely you’d know of Coffee Cake & Kisses.

I most definitely did know of it. Indeed, a loyalty card from the original cafe still holds pride of place in my wallet; a souvenir of days and a life gone by.

So it turns out Darren might be a bit of a perv too. Well who would have thought. I suppose I could have outed us both by acknowledging I’m well aquainted with CCK, but considering we still work together from time to time, how would the dynamic change … if he knew I was a rubberist or if I knew he had a kink for … for what?

8 Responses to “I won’t tell if he won’t”

  1. But its good to know that someone out there is with you. In any format. XO

    • Wouldn’t it be interesting to know. On reflection, I wonder if there was something he wanted to get off his chest

    • Keeping parts of yourself hidden is sometimes hard. I’d love to live out loud, but unfortunately, life circumstances won’t allow that. ☹️
      Now, what are some of YOUR unspoken kinks? 😈

    • ​Unspoken, perhaps, but certainly not unwritten about. Where to begin? Hmmm …
      Obviously there’s rubber fetishwear, ball stretching, chastity cages, vintage porn, glove fetish (especially latex gloves) light BDSM ;(though in times of post 50 Sades enlightenment my taste for that are probably pretty passe), pegging,.. I could go on, but most of my perversions have been catalogued in this blog.

  2. Oh I certainly know where this place is!

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