… and finishing and …

… and unusually we went to bed at roughly the same time – my Wife just a couple of minutes before me. I already had a semi before I went into the bathroom, and as I brushed my teeth I encouraged it with my free hand. I wanted to fuck, and it might as well be obvious.
As I walked into the bedroom and undressed, my cock raised its salute.
I got into bed and turned the light out.
Predictably Her hand arrived on my shoulder, though a little more quickly than expected.
I answered with a hand on Her hip.
She snuggled up and encouraged my arm away from Her waist to around Her shoulder.

There was some brief conversation about the day.
Then silence and stillness.

Maybe I had misread Her smoke signals and She had ignored my semaphore?
But no.
She stroked.
And I reciprocated.
And we foreplayed.

Her: Just in terms of knowing our options, did you order some more condoms?
Me: Yes.
Analysis #1
[Just so you know, the points labeled Analysis will take you to different sections of tomorrow’s post, and will cover my thoughts on aspects of today’s.]
She lay half on top of me, one hand stroking my impatient cock, the other tickling my balls, and when Her face wasn’t buried in my neck, Her mouth was demanding lips and tongue. Meanwhile one of my hands worked from tit to thigh to neck to back and back to tit, while the other reached behind for Her cunt. She shifted Her thigh to give me better access.
Analysis #2
She was not yet dripping with Her juices, but She was wet enough and willing enough to take most of a delighted finger into Her delightful pussy.  Delighted, that is, until She wanted cock.

You will know, Loyal Reader, that condoms have been almost as great a disappointment to me over the last few years as the abject lack of sex, with the exception of My Size‘s larger sizes and the tinner Okamoto’s Crown sheaths. Tonight was my first fuck with my recent purchase of a Okamoto 004. Bloody hell they’re good!!! (Though bloody hell they’re small! When I first took the johnny out of the packet I really wasn’t sure if I’d get it on.) They’re so sensitive that, combined with only a little more ball tickling, there was no point in trying to hang on till She came.

I can’t remember the last time having my cock in my Wife’s cunt felt so good. I dug my fingers hard into Her neck, thrust my tool hard into Her snatch, and sank my teeth hard into Her shoulder.
Analysis #3
My jizz boiled forth in what felt like an endless stream of magma, burning from my arsehole to my helmet and beyond.
It was obvious She wasn’t done with me, as She kept grinding down on my retreating member. I had to make Her stop so I could safely retrieve and dispose of the sheath. (How something that small didn’t fail, I neither knew nor cared, but having spilled my seed, I was keen to avoid any avoidable spillage.)

Once the filled envelope was disposed of, I returned to wrap myself around Her. As I reached behind Her and slid my finger back into Her slick pussy, She rolled away. I tucked up behind Her with my arms around Her. The way She spread Her legs and hooked one over mine left no doubt about where She wanted my hand.
Analysis #4
I obliged.
Well, it would have been rude not to.
Her: Stroke my tits too.
Analysis #5
And then, after I had been massaging Her tits and pussy for a few minutes, a flat hand undulating across Her mound and lips …
Her: Put your fingers in me.
Analysis #6
So I did.
Not much.
I wanted to give Her a good, hard finger banging [This is a new term to me this week – one I learned from a female sex blogger – but one I very much like.] but She came almost as soon as I dipped a single digit into Her cunt, and I had to back off.

And there we lay, curled up, and fell asleep. My arms still around Her, and Her still clutching my arms.
Even when we finally rolled apart, we were still back to back, skin to skin.
And that was so much closer to good sex that I have hoped for these last few years.
Analysis #7

4 Responses to “… and finishing and …”

  1. This is a lovely turn of events. 😊

  2. I’m new to your site, and dotting around reading posts. I give a virtual cheer every time you have success with your wife…perhaps because my situation is similar.

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