… and … analysis

Y’know those posts for which you struggle to come up with a title?
Considering this was expected to be an analysis of various points in my last post  this started out titled as just Analysis. But that briefly turned into Analysis Mr Spock? … and then Analysis Mr Spunk? … and when I found the following  picture, it so nearly turned into Anal sex, Mr Spock? But that was starting to get away from the point. A whole galaxy away! So before I disapear up my own wormhole, back to yesterday …


Analysis #1

Her: Just in terms of knowing our options, did you order some more condoms?

I knew She knew I had. She must have done. There was a Jiffy bag containing two branded Ziploc bags of condoms and a spend-£20-and-get-a-half-price-vibrating-cockring [That’s another story.] in the drawer She goes to every morning. I’d put it in there almost a month ago and it had moved at least a couple of times since. Indeed, when I eventually retrieved a condom from the drawer, I couldn’t help but notice the envelope had turned a full 180° that very day, and surely not unaided?


Analysis #2

She shifted Her thigh to give me better access.

At this point I was reminded just how criminally unfamiliar I am with the geography of my Wife’s pedunda. Previous partners have commented on my expert digital and oral manipulation of their quims – I know what’s where, how to get to it, and what to do when I get there – but as my Wife has historically physically recoiled if my hand has strayed near Her snatch, I have never had the opportunity to properly learn my way around Her cunt. I know I could wank Her so much better, if only I had the opportunity to put some practice in.

Analysis #3

I dug my fingers hard into Her neck, thrust my tool hard into Her snatch, and sank my teeth hard into Her shoulder.

I am probably as astonished as you are, Dear Reader. Yes, I bit Her. I don’t have a fetish for biting, other than a little nibble at clit or nip, I don’t recall ever biting anyone during sex – I haven’t even given a hickie before. So what the hell possessed me to dig my teeth into Her shoulder whilst She fucked me I’ll never know. Less still, why, when there was no volley of objection, I decided to sink my teeth in harder. But what baffles me most is that I wasn’t sharply rebuked for it.

Analysis #4

The way She spread Her legs and hooked one over mine left no doubt about where She wanted my hand.

There seems to have been some sort of sea change in the last few times we have had sex. Until … I don’t know … the beginning of the year, I had to be gentle with Her during sex, and She certainly wasn’t remotely amenable to me masturbating Her. Now, She seems to like me stroking Her snatch and slipping a finger into Her delicious wet hole … as long, I think, as I don’t go too near Her clit, and as long as She gets to swap digit for dick before She is in any danger of cumming.

Analysis #5

Her: Stroke my tits too.

Did She really say that?
If you’re not that familiar with this blog, Newish Reader, you might not think an instruction like that was anything surprising. It was definitely on my list of things to do, and the instruction itself is not entirely without precedent in Our bed. But in around 15yrs I don’t think She has ever said that.
I can’t recall a time when She has ever refered to Her tits.
She never even says boobs. If they are refered to at all its Her breasts.
So why tits?
Why now?

Analysis #6

Her: Put your fingers in me.

I have to confess, She might have started the sentence with I need or I want or Stick, but She definitely finished it  with your fingers in me. This again, whilst not being exclusively new territory, it is not something She has said more than a handful of times. (Or perhaps that should be full-of-hand times?)
Again, why now?

Analysis #7

And that was so much closer to good sex that I have hoped for these last few years.

It’s still rare that We have sex – it’s a month since our last fuck, something like 2 months before that, and a month before that – but dare I say the sex has been getting better. [Ed: There was a post on Mumsnet that discussed how often couples fuck. What’s normal? I have long ment to analyse the responses and try to work out an average. Maybe fucking once every month or two is normal and I’m just greedy?]
There is no sign of the sex getting kinky – my fetishes are still locked away – but I could live with good regular sex. Properly regular. Once a week and I could forego the rubber, chastity cage, pegging, etc etc
For all my pessimism that this is just another blip of sexual activity, the one thing I can see that is definitely positive is that either my Wife is finally willing to discover Her own sexual pleasure, or that She’s finally trying to find some middle ground with respect to our disparate libidos.
Not that I think She’ll ever get as far as Anal sex, Mr Spunk.

5 Responses to “… and … analysis”

  1. Is there any possibility she has been talking about your sexual relationship with a friend? Sometimes when women discuss what’s going on with others and learn that maybe the things they have been “cautious” about are actually quite normal, tame, enjoyable, etc… it allows them permission to explore the things they haven’t in the past. As a woman, who is quite sexual I know that may sound a bit ridiculous and I don’t necessarily get that sort of behavior but it does exist and some women need the okay from their own to learn to become comfortable with themselves and their partners. Whatever the case may be as a long time follower I’m very happy for you AM and I hope your sexy life continues on this trajectory. 😘

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