News Flash (of red)

If you’ve been around for a while, Dear Reader, you will know I have some bad habits. I can think of at least a handful of you who have called me out on one or more of them. One in particular is my habit of

regularly looking in my Wife’s underwear drawer.

This is a bad habit because I’m always looking to see if She’s wearing The Infamous Red Underwear. (I’ve given up hope of Her wearing The Infamous Red Torsolette, but my guess is that that may not have fitted Her for a couple of years. Not that I’m criticising for that – it’s just an educated guess based on casual observation.) If She doesn’t want to wear it, if it makes Her feel objectified, and if that is not to Her liking, who am I to complain if She doesn’t wear the underwear I carefully picked out for Her and with which She willingly returned to the lingerie shop to exchange for a better size. (It turned out I knew Her cup size better than She did, but hey, I’ve undoubtedly had experience of more pairs of tits than She has, and have almost certainly spent more time in lingerie stores than She has.)

More specifically, it’s a bad habit because it tortures me to know that She isn’t wearing it.

So why did I check just now?
Why, when we’ve actually had sex in the last few days for the first time in ages, why did I think to look in Her underwear drawer when She was out of the house?

Y’know what, Patient Reader? I don’t fucking care. The bra and a pair of the panties are not in their usual place!
I don’t want to get too excited, but the prospect has got me just a little hard.
And when I say a little hard …

5 Responses to “News Flash (of red)”

  1. I truly hope that your rise is put to good use. 🤗

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