Sinful Sunday 332

In response to one of my more recent Sinful Sunday submissions, someone used the phrase dick pic. The term has come to have quite negative connotations, frequently referring to photographs emailed or sexted to unwilling recipients. Obviously, as a follower of this meme, Sinful Reader, you’re probably not offended by the sight of someone’s cock appearing on your screen, but it occurred to me that yes, when I’ve participated in Sinful Sunday it has frequently been with a dick pic.

Sinful Sunday

So I’m looking for

inspiration elsewhere for a while.
(I’m sure I will run out of ideas soon enough and revert to phallic photograph.)

It’s entirely possible you will look at this picture and think Meh! It’s just a used condom. But it’s actually a lot more than that.
Sure, it is a used johnny, filled with my pleasure.
But it represents one of only a very few fucks my Wife and I have had this year.
And one of only a very few fucks in the last 5yrs which have culminated with me cumming in Her cunt.

For years we had sex without condoms.
Before that, most of my exes were on The Pill.
And through the recent, sexually moribund years of my marriage, in which I have attempted to satiate my lust with relentless wanking, my dick has become accustomed almost exclusively to my hand.
Then add in my age (I’m increasingly staring at the wrong end of my 40s) and the result is that my cock really isn’t that sensitive when clad in most condoms.

These rubbers, however, are turning out to be a revelation.

I’ll spare you the details of my search for the right condoms for me just now (I’ve written various posts on th esubject) but suffice to say, this is not just a used condom, [cue the dulcet tones of a M&S voice-over] it is a fantastically sensitive, ultra thin, Okamoto 004 condom into which I ejaculate in whilst fucking my Wife.

12 Responses to “Sinful Sunday 332”

  1. silverdomuk Says:

    Woo hoo! πŸ™‚

    BTW, it is unsolicited dick pics that cause annoyance. People choose to look at SinfulSunday images, which means they are not unsolicited.

  2. Glad the intercourse is working out for you – everyone thinks its the most natural thing in the world but sometimes for it to result in β€œcumming” is more difficult…

  3. Those condoms look interesting – being so thin, how do they stand up to frenetic fucking?

    • I guess that depends on how frenetic you’re fucking. I’ve seen nothing to suggest one was going to split. They are a bit on the small side for me and I guess if your cock is even thicker they might be getting to their limit.

  4. I think you are right about the term ‘dick pic’ and to a lesser extent ‘cock shot’ both carry negative connotations but I think that is sad because I think cocks are beautiful but clearly that is only the case if you are looking at it consensually but surely that goes for any body part. Sadly men have used the dick pic in such a way that has resulted it this association.

    However on Sinful Sunday all bodies and body parts are welcomed!


  5. I prefer the term ‘cock shot’, myself. πŸ™‚ Have you masturbated with that condom on?

  6. You made me giggle with the M&S voiceover.

    As for the dick pic, this is your blog, people choose to come here and view beautiful cock shots. It’s the unwelcome ones that are forced on us that are the problem.

    • I don’t believe the dick pic reference was intended as derisory. And you’re absolutely right about it being my blog. (I’ll allow myself to think your comment on beautiful cock shots to be far more complimentary than probably intended. πŸ˜‰ )
      I was actually taking the label in the spirit of Sinful Sunday, and trying to challenge myself to think of subjects other than my dick.

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