Not for me

I wouldn’t say we flirted during the day. There was noticeably a little more physical contact than usual … ie more than none … and nothing much more than a passing hand on the shoulder, but that, in combination with Her wearing The Infamous Red Underwear (not that there is any reason to think She knew I knew She was wearing it) gave me considerable hope for a fuck last night.

10:30pm came.
We had both snoozed off in front of the TV.
Me: I’m off to bed.

OK. I’ll be up soon.
Oh? That was disappointing.
Maybe She wants to wait till I’m in bed and not going anywhere when She undresses in front of me so I can see She’s wearing The Infamous Red Underwear.

10:10pm and I’m lying in bed, wondering how long it will be before She comes upstairs.

10:20pm and I’m thinking my hopes may have been in vain.

10:30pm and I wonder why I delude myself with hope.
I wish I hadn’t fucking looked in Her underwear drawer.
I wish I didn’t know.
I wish I didn’t want to fuck Her.

10:40pm or there about, and I’m asleep.
Whenever She comes to bed, if She makes any attempt to disturb me, it’s not with any degree of commitment.

I’m sure I shouldn’t be surprised. The last time She wore The Infamous Red Underwear there was apparently no intent for me to know either. So why should She want me to know now. But why wear it? It’s not as if She’d run out of Her normal boring, black, boy-shorts. There was no need to dig deeper into the drawer.

Just to recap a little:
– On Sunday we have good sex. It’s the first time we’ve fucked in a month, and only the 3rd time in 4 months.
– On Wednesday She wears The Infamous Red Underwear, but seems to go out of Her way to keep that from me.
My initial thought was that maybe once a month is exactly what She wants. Perhaps Her limit is one fuck per month.
But then I thought, She knows The Infamous Red Underwear is a turn on for me. She has never said anything particular that indicates She gets tuned on by it. So why wear it if She didn’t want me to be turned on by it. Except that She seem to have wanted me not to even know She was wearing it.

If you can make any sense of this Insightful Reader, do please let me know, because I’ll be fucked if I can. (Well, I might get fucked if I could.)

8 Responses to “Not for me”

  1. another thought has crossed my mind… i’m hesitant to mention because i don’t want to put false thoughts in your head… that being said, because this thought came to mind before with your post on how she now appears to like a little more aggression in the bedroom and now the red undergarments are being worn… it makes me think that perhaps she is wearing them because of someone else… don’t freak about that. i didn’t say for someone else… your wife as you’ve shared has always preferred the more “sensible” undergarments (so why wear the red?) it’s not for herself. She’s never given you direction in bed before but now she does (where did she learn she’d like you squeezing her tit or from whom?) and i want to be clear that this hypothetical someone i elude to doesn’t mean i’m thinking there is another man per se. it means that it makes me think even more now than ever that she’s talking to someone, perhaps she has reached out so someone for help and she is getting coaching. wearing the red lingerie could have been a suggestion to make her feel sexy but then she froze and thought she couldn’t reveal it to you… not sure how insightful any of that is but those are the thoughts that have been generated…

    • It’s not impossible. And it’s logical. But knowing Her I really don’t think it’s likely. Maybe that’s denial on my part, but I genuinely can’t even imagine Her talking about Her sex life with Her best friends if any of them brought up the subject. It would take an intervention .

    • Us women are funny creatures and as we get closer to our 40s something happens with our bodies that is in another level. Seriously I could be fucked into the most incredible orgasm and be satisfied by it for all of about 10 mins and then I’m feeling like I’ve been neglected and it touched and want it all over again… rinse… repeat. Perhaps she’s catching up, maybe her body is telling her things her mind is not allowing and this is why there is so much flip flopping going on.

    • Just wait till you get beyond 40. Then you’re uttweky unfathomable. (Obviously so are men!)
      I empathise with 10min later. I’m much the same.
      Maybe She is catching up. It would be nice to think so. I’m sure what’s getting in the way is what’s in Her head. Though the same could doubtless be said of me. Ha ha!

    • Oh I’m over 40 which is why I am all to aware of this phenomenon that takes place with us ladies. 💋

  2. Ok, since you mentioned her liking things more agressive, I’ve had a similar reaction to Kristi.
    Often, an increase in libido is linked to having sex somewhere else. My first thought.
    Now I like the idea that she could get coaching. I don’t think it would be from a friend, but it could be from an actual sexologist…

    As for wearing the Infamous red, it could be that she tried to feel sexy. For herself, since she doesn’t like feeling objectified…

    My two cents.

    • Again, it’s not impossible that Her increased lobido is related to Her riding someone else’s cock. Assuming Her lobido has actually increased, rather than this being just another predictably unpredictable blip. Or maybe that’s a sign of Her having a string of meaningless one night stands. Maybe She hires male escorts in Her lunch break? I actually wouldn’t mind if it meant She brought the lobido home. But it’s not difficult to laugh at the idea. (I’m not laughing at your suggesting it, just the reality – no offence intended.)
      More likely would be Her talking to a sexologist …. if only She hadn’t said She couldn’t imagine talking to a stanger about sex. But yeah, people change. Needs must and all that.
      Just … well … I’ll eat my rubber catsuit if either is the case.
      Your right, though, She could be trying to feel sexy for Herself. But why. Right! Hang on … That’s it. I’m off to check all Her emails and SMS records. I’ll find the guy She’s fucking. I will. I’ll track down the cheeky bastard who’s been stuffing his dick up my Wife’s cunt y’know. And then I’ll thank him.
      (If it lasts.)

    • You asked for our ideas/opinions… I gave them 😜
      Now, as I usually say, the best thing would be to… talk 😉
      Good luck, one way or another…

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