Visible panty line

Early in the morning I’d hung out the first load of washing as I headed down out to the man-cave.
A couple of hours later, She hung out the second load whilst I tinkered with a project.

The arms of the laundry airer are pretty much exactly at eye height for me. And so, later still, as I walked back to the house for a cup of tea, they hit me in the face.
Well, not literally, but they might as well have.

I’m someone who notices detail. As far as I can make out, She isn’t.
And I’ve never had Her down as the devious type.
And yet, it was only a week or two ago that I tried to get my Wife to notice my rubber underwear.
And apparently fail.
Was this Her reposte?
The Infamous Red Panties were hanging right on the end of the dryer. Right in my face.
Impossible to ignore.

It’s not inconceivable that they ended up there by chance – the laundry comes out the basket in what ever order the washing machine sees fit to shuffle it.
But if it was a deliberate act, She couldn’t have done much more to rub Her knickers in my face.

[Ok, maybe She could have done a tiny bit more to rub Her knickers in my face, but I don’t imagine I’m ever going to be that lucky!]

Head height. Casually hanging there. Right in my path.
By chance, or by design?
Hmmm …

Whether it was a conscious effort on Her part, a low key acknowledgement of my own underwear exhibitionism, an attempt to turn of the tables, or purely happenstance, it did give me a little perspective on why She may not have grabbed my latex G-string from my drawer and waved that in my face.

5 Responses to “Visible panty line”

  1. Comment on it. Tease, question or innuendo would all work. She could very well be teasing you, hoping for an affectionate reaction. Not necessarily aggressively sexual, but let her know you noticed and was very intrigued. Her reaction should answer some of your questions.

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