Sex drives innovation.
A bold statement, perhaps, and possibly an urban myth, but it’s not uncommon to hear that without porn, the internet wouldn’t be half as technically advanced as it is. Certainly there is no shortage of people trying to reinvent sex toys and over the last few years, increasingly easy access to 3d scanners and printers has seen the rise of companies like MakerLove, and SexShop 3D offering related services.

But creativity can often just involve the simplest of ideas … such as ice locks.

Now the die hard perverts amongst you will be familiar with the prevalence of

gas masks in the world of rubber fetishism.

Whilst I love latex, gas masks are no more my thing than rubber body bags and gimp hoods. But you have to admire the innovation of someone who replaces the canister filter on a gas mask with the modified sleeve from a Fleshlight!

It’s mad, incredibly kinky, and not really my thing … but it might just be pervy genius.

2 Responses to “Innovation”

  1. jcisme123 Says:

    Well, that certainly is different in a sort of weirdly erotic kinky way!

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