Uninvited, unfair and unwanted.

She got out of bed and went to the bathroom. It was still pitch black beyond the bedroom curtains and I was as awake as my cock.
When She returned to bed, almost instantly She put Her hand on my chest. My cock twitched, tugging at the bed sheets, but I was still.
Her hand moved. South. Still I didn’t move, unlike my enthusiastic member. I was curious to see Her next move.
Again Her hand moved, this time to my hip. I still hadn’t moved.
Nor had I by the time Her

fingers cupped my balls.
Now I moved. I grabbed Her wrist. Sure I was awake now, but until that point there had been nothing to indicate I had been.
Me: Why now?
Her: I don’t know. We’ve spent the night curled up together and it’s the first time in ages.

It had been a truly shit week for reasons I won’t go into, save to say the whole family was anything but happy.
She went on.
Her: I keep feeling you twitching, but you keep pulling away.

She was right. After the stress of the day, we had indeed ended up falling asleep wrapped around each other. Unsurprisingly, I had had regular erections throughout the night, that had fidgeted between us, seemingly desperate to get Her attention. But I just wanted to sleep, so had had to keep moving to stop its persistent spasms tapping at Her thigh or arse.
Her: I just wanted us to be close.
Me: And it’s ok to wake me up by playing with my balls?
Her: Sorry. I didn’t know you were asleep.
Me: Did you think I was awake?
Her: Yes. Sorry.
Me: And it wouldn’t have been ok if it was the other way around?
There was a pause.
Me: Sorry. That was unfair.

It wasn’t unfair. The fact that She can grope my junk in the middle of the night, but for years I have expected rebuttal if my hand went near Her snatch even during foreplay or fucking, or the fact that I felt driven to stop initiating sex several years ago in the face of relentless rejection … that is unfair!
Her: But not entirely inaccurate.
I was pretty sure that was what She said. Whether it was or not, it would do no harm for Her to repeat it.
Me: Pardon?
Her: I said it wasn’t entirely inaccurate.

Another pause.

Her: We don’t have to.
Me: You know as well as I do, a day doesn’t pass when I don’t want to have sex with you.
Her: Yeah. I know. But not now?
Me: I don’t know.
Her: Sorry.
Me: I’m sorry I’m so demanding.

I’m not. I don’t demand. Quite the opposite. It wasn’t really the word I wanted. Libidinous or insatiable or sex addict would probably have been a better choice.
Her: Sorry.
I turned away. After the friction of the last week, especially earlier that evening, and as much as I’m always horny, I wasn’t in the mood to deal with the stresses of sex.
She turned away.

A few minutes passed and then there was some wriggling next to me. I guessed She wasn’t giving up and was taking Her pajamas off.
She rolled towards me again and as She covered my pubes with a hand, She wrapped Her nakedness across mine.

I gave in to my baser self, turned towards Her and planted a hand on Her arse.

Me: Do you have any condoms?
Her: No. I take it you didn’t pack any?
Me: No.

The correct answer would more accurately have been why would I have possibly been so presumptuous?
Her: We can do other things.
I moved Her hand back to my cock
Me: Is this what you want?
I wasnt sure whether I meant did She want sex or did She want cock. The implications were the same but I’d rather She wanted cock.
Her: If it’s what you want.
Me: Is it what you want?
Her: Do you want it?
Me: I want you to want it.
There was some sort of acknowledgement, though it was not an unequivocal expression of desire for cock.

I reached around Her leg, pulling Her knee up and spreading Her thighs.
She shuffled up so I could get better access.
I slid a finger straight between Her lips. Hot, but not wet. Yet.
Running my fingers along Her slit, I aimed for Her clit.
She bucked and tensed and clung to me.
Moving back to Her hole, I pushed two fingers into Her as far as I could reach at that angle.
Her cunt was slick and welcoming.
My fingers undulated and probed before withdrawing and sliding back between Her folds towards Her bud.
Panting and grinding, She gave every indication of pleasure.
I stopped just before she came a couple of time, repeating my move from penetration to flick.
And then She stiffened slightly.
Instinctively I withdrew my hand.
Me: Sorry.
Her: It just doesn’t work if you go there first. I need more foreplay.

It evidently had been working when I went there first, but I figured we were prematurely finished.
She moved my hand to Her tits and hummed in response.
I stroked and squeezed and circled and pinched (gently) and, in light of Her reaction slid my had down Her belly, Her legs parting as I reached Her mound.
With a flat hand and no penetration, Her climax escaped … on Her terms.

We lay there for a while as She caught Her breath.

Me: I don’t know my way around your pussy. Can you teach me to masturbate you?
Her: I genuinely don’t think I can.

In just 6 words, She seemed to confirm what I have suspected for years – that She has only ever masturbated a very few times. How can you genuinely not be able to teach someone to masturbate you … unless you have never learned yourself?
Me: I used to be good at that.
Her: Well it was good for me.
She reached for my cock.
It wasn’t what I wanted but I knew I couldn’t have what I actually wanted.
She went down on me and, my hands gently resting on the back of Her head, I thrust up at Her retreating mouth.
Even if She had sucked down my entire length, it still wasn’t what I wanted.
Her: What do you want.
Me: I want to fuck you. I want you to fuck me.
Frustrated by the futility of that, and through gritted teeth, I demanded …
Me: Suck me hard!
And I meant HARD!
She went back down and enveloped my bell end with Her mouth.
Me: Careful with your teeth. Teeth are not good.
I’m sure I’ve mentioned that to Her before. With hindsight I wonder whether She equated hard with teeth rather than suction and depth.

Either way, She sucked and wanked and sucked and wanked. And it was intense and good. Very good.
Engulfed by lust, I hissed …
Me: I want my tongue in you.
I wanted my tongue in Her cunt. I wanted Her sat on my face. I wanted Her to fill my mouth with the taste of Her sex. I wanted to drink Her juices. But that wasn’t going to happen.
Pulling Her up from Her oral ministrations, I thrust my tongue into Her mouth. I think the vigour with which I did caught Her breath, but Her tongue responded.

She broke away and went back down on me.
Suck. Wank. Suck. Wank.
Even when She pulled me out of Her mouth, She stayed between my legs, head bowed.
When I felt my cum start to boil, I held Her head in my hands. I needed something to grip. I wasn’t sure if She sensed my rising pleasure, but She seemed to aim my cock to the side.

I wanted to shoot my load in Her face. This is not something I usually have any great desire to do – I’d love to cum in Her mouth, or over Her tits, but in Her face … that somehow feels gratuitously porn and, well … meh … Today was different. I wanted to cover Her face in jizz. I don’t know why.
I relaxed, as if I wasn’t going to cum … still holding Her head at my waist, determined not to herald my impending expulsion.
She was stroking when I started to ejaculate. If I had cum as hard as I usually do, especially after a week without an orgasm, I would surely have unloaded over Her neck at least. But sadly, whilst I spilled copious volley after copious volley, the trajectory was shallow and (I think) just covered my stomach.
However, whilst that would usually be the point She would instantly and unceremoniously reach for the tissues, this time She slid up my body to kiss me, Her movement lubricated by my semen.

And there we lay, laminated around my cum for … I don’t know how long, but I at least fell asleep for a while longer.

Later that day, the same shit that had hit the fan the previous day hit the same fan, and this hour of bliss became just a memory again.

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