Sinful Sunday 336 – No dick pic

This image was created a couple of months ago, and it was my intention that it would be submitted for the respective Sinful Sunday. Indeed the post was written and scheduled, but at the last minute I decided it wasn’t what wanted to say that day. It possibly wasn’t what I wanted to say ever! I archived the image.ย ย ย Then, in response to my Sinful Sunday 335 submission, there was a typo which I both found very amusing, and brought this photo to mind

A couple of months ago, when I’d created the image, the more I thought about this, the more I felt it worked. I should say it is potentially quite controversial, so if you don’t want to be challenged, stop here. But we’re all grown-ups, right? So …

Sinful Sunday

Sinful Sunday

Sinful Sunday

Sinful Sunday

Sinful Sunday

Sinful Sunday

Sinful Sunday

I’ll assume that having scrolled this far down the page, you’re sure you want to see this pic.

The idea for the shot came to me very quickly, and out of nowhere.

The process of taking the respective shots was a far more laborious process, and when the first attempt didn’t quite work, retaking them required a complete reset and a considerable amount of time. (Having someone else to frame the shot, fire off the shutter, and review the result would have made life an awful lot easier.)

By comparison, the edit was a walk in the park – there was only part of one shot to substitute for that of another.

There wasn’t initially a message I wanted to convey with the image, and I had no idea what it would say, if anything at all. But the more I looked at the result, three clear messages cut through the noise.

Firstly, I’m a fan of porn. Especially glamorous, latex porn. And it has to be said, that there is a degree of objectification of those depicted. There’s something about a shiny rubber cladding that distils the sexuality within the imagery. (Wearing rubber also feels sexy as hell, but that’s another story.) And from time to time, I yearn to be objectified. When it came to how this picture turned out, I think it’s quite hard to take the concept of sexual objectification much more literally.

Secondly, there was a distinct comment about my marriage. Over the last few years, it’s not difficult to draw a parallel with how my sexuality has often been reduced to something that has the lid firmly screwed on, and is put back in the cupboard, where it will reside, neglected, for far too long.

And finally, again in respect of my married sex life, there is even the metaphor of something that is dead, and has been confined to a specimin jar as some sort of historical curiosity.

I had all but forgotten about this image, but when, having embarked on a no-dick-pics theme, someone misakenly mentioned cleavers, I had to come back to it.

Sinful Sunday – No-dick-pic

31 Responses to “Sinful Sunday 336 – No dick pic”

  1. This is absolutely amazing. I can totally understand just how tough this was to do but you did a brilliant job and I love it.


  2. THIS is a clever image indeed!๐Ÿ’‹
    Now, let’s see what else I can inspire! ๐Ÿ˜ˆ

  3. You just may win the “most unusual Idea for a dick pic award” for this year and many to come. Cool.

  4. WOW! This is one of the most unusual, intriguing pics I’ve seen on here. I am presuming it was had to do so fair play. โค

  5. One hell of a picture!

  6. wow this is a unique image of a dick pick. One that’s got me thinking. Thanks for sharing.

  7. victoriablisseuk Says:

    That’s very clever!

  8. HOW did you create that shot? It’s brilliant!

  9. Omg I LOVE this! I totally understand the struggle of taking photos on your own and I’ve never tackled anything of this level. I’ve often wanted to go a step weird and macabre with my sinful Sunday photos but feared how they would go down. You’ve inspired me to be myself and have a shot at it!
    I also love how you interpreted it after you took the photo. I very often do this myself.
    Aurora x

  10. Wow โ€“ this is really intense and symbolic, though a symbol of what (like you say) depends on the person interpreting it. So impressed with the editing on this photo!

    • Thank you.
      As mentioned, the edit was the simple bit – just two pictures cut together.
      Balancing on two chairs astride a table, my junk in a jam jar that couldn’t be allowed to move, take the photo on self timer when I could barely reach the camera, then disentangle myself without moving the jam jar, replace the lid, and take another shot … that was less easy. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • That doesn’t sound like there’s anything simple about it! >< Ha. It worked to great effect!

  11. This on one hand is very clever and one the other hand heart breaking. So symbolic!

  12. jerusalemmortimer Says:

    That is amazingly cunning! Great image, photoshop and all!

    (If a shop sold that range, I’m sure they’d make a fortune.)

  13. Wow, this is such a cool image! It’s symbolic and can be taken in so many different ways, heavy and sad, full of humor, surreal, an interesting social comment on dick pics in general, and more and more and more. I really love it. So creative. Well done!

  14. Just thought you would like to know that this fabulous image got picked to be in this weeks round-up


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