I want … but … butt …

Desire is a terrible thing. Lust is a shackle. Wanting is a burden.
I don’t particularly want a lot – I’m not that sort of person, thouhj a decent sex life is definitwly top of the list – but today’s, what I want is

this pair of pantsuk.

They’re from Manstore, and are not dissimilar to a pair I used to have …

… long since worn out (the fabric was a little fragile), thrown out, and sadly discontinued. But greatly missed.

I love the see-through fabric, and the bright piping. I just wish they had the piping along the seam between your arse cheeks – I loved that on the old pair –  it felt like wearing a g-string.

Three’s just one thing that’s made me thing twice about  buying a pair.
By the time postage was added on, they were over £40!!!
I want them …. but…

But just how damn fine is my butt going to look in them!?

The picture sat on my computer’s screen. Tucked behind a couple of windows. But every time I switched task, the photo would find a way of reappearing.

I wanted those pantsuk.
I lusted after those pantsuk.
I’ve missed out on some of Manstore’s most desirable pantsuk once or twice before, and kicked myself for it.
My craving for those pantsuk got the better of me.
I ordered those pantsuk.

2 Responses to “I want … but … butt …”

  1. Hmmm you would look good in those pants(?) !

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