Sinful Sunday 338 – Batteries not included

As much as I like the idea of Fluid as a Sinful Sunday prompt this week, I’m not going with the theme. Partly because I only spotted the proompt after I’d created this post, and partly because I’m not sure I want to win the prize. So I’m not entering the competition. Anyway …

Continuing my Sinful theme of not-a-dick-pic, I had a think about what sex is when a dick isn’t involved.
The obvious first answers are oral and masturbation. But then there’s phone sex, sexting, sex toys … well, you don’t need me to list all the ways to get your rocks off.
Then I thought about what gets my rocks off.
Which lead me to ask how could I combine some of those things in a single image … all without a dick.
The answer included three elements:

Sinful Sunday

  1. My love of masturbation.
    Especially female masturbation.
    And most of all, when I get to do that masturbating.
  2. My love of latex.
  3. And my fetish for gloves.

Batteries not included

36 Responses to “Sinful Sunday 338 – Batteries not included”

  1. WHERE do I order THAT?!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Good one! Again with the cleverness. (Oh yes, #1)

  3. I frigging love this – The title is brilliant! Your ideas and photo editing is wonderful πŸ™‚ Include some Tenga lube (it goes stringy and looks natural) and there’s your fluids covered πŸ˜‰ Another awesome SinfulSunday πŸ˜€

  4. lapsedcatholicwife Says:

    Please patent as soon as possible and market, that movement is just so ace

    • If parenting was cheaper I’d do it. I designed the mechanism of the Autoblow about a decade before someone else patented it, along with a couple of other toys since. It’s just a costly business to bring things into reality.
      As for the movement, it needs some work – I’ve struggled to get the ClitRubberTM mechanism to function simultaneously with the PussyWrigglerTM .

  5. This is just great – very clever and just great fun pic

  6. This made me grin πŸ˜†

  7. Lol fantastic! I love all three things too so this photo’s definitely a winner for me!
    Aurora x

  8. Damn this is clever.


  9. Love it! So clever, so sexy, so provocative!

  10. Oh, that made me smile. A very clever post!

  11. jerusalemmortimer Says:

    very saucy!

    Those fingers would be very wet in no time.

    Great idea for the image!

  12. Brilliant title! I really like the bright latex against the dark background, and I always love seeing the rare gif on Sinful Sunday!

    • There’s nothing quite like bright latex. I can’t be doing with black rubber and all the relentless BDSM that seems to go hand in hand with it.
      Sinful gifs are great fun to make and I have no shortage of ideas for them, though sadly without a female volunteer many will probably never be realised.

  13. Latex looks are feels so good doesn’t it. I love how the red stands out against the background here.

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