Sinful Sunday 339 – Mysterious package

Having placed the wholly unjustifiable order for an unfeasibly kinky, arse-and-pussy-fucking, pinky-purple, double dildo, and despite asking for the dispatch to be delayed so the discrete package didn’t arrive at the weekend (in the circumstances I really didn’t want to have to deal with well, aren’t you going to open it? ), things were bound not to go smoothly.

Sinful Sunday

First I missed the delivery the same morning that my Wife left for work late and there was a chance She’d been at home. Though if She’d left after the postman called, something didn’t quite make sense.

Then I managed to leave the we-tried-to-deliver-your-parcel card on the bed where She must have seen it.

Then I didn’t have time to collect it from the post office for most of a week.

Then I dropped the we-tried-to-deliver-your-parcel card outside the house in the rain when we went out for a family day trip. Thankfully it was me that picked it up, albeit in front of my Wife and after a day of panic, but it was now illegible.

Fortunately I managed to find a parcel tracking code in an email, and managed to arrange online to have it redelivered.

But I managed to miss that delivery as well.

Finally, almost 2 weeks later, I got my hands on it.

Not that you’re reading this post to hear about a the perilous progress of a pervert’s parcel . You want to see what was in the mysterious package when I finally received it and had a moment to myself. You want to see the wholly unjustifiable, unfeasible kinky, arse-and-pussy-fucking, pinky-purple, double dildo. Right …?

38 Responses to “Sinful Sunday 339 – Mysterious package”

  1. oh my goodness that is hot – your underpants are hot too – I have a few of these double dildos – interesting…

  2. You’re are a very sexy man, AM!

  3. Ah ! A perilous tale 😀

  4. Krystal Minx Says:

    Love the pic AND the story!

  5. I have NO idea what you wrote about, because I couldn’t get past that picture. DAMN! 👅

    • You mean I wasted my time writing about the postal service because it was less interesting than a picture of me with a strapless strapon stuffed dowm my underwear? Well! I know the mission statement for Sinful Sunday is It’s all about the image, but I really don’t know why I bother sometimes. 😉

  6. Love it! All of it!

  7. That is absolutely fabulous in the most torturous of ways. What a wonderful purchase…almost as wonderful as the photo. 😉

  8. Why is it that toy deliveries are so full of struggles! Loved the story and your image is wonderful.

    • Thank you.
      I guess it’s rooted in how, in Chrstendom, we’ve been conditioned to regard sex as Sinful. Somehow, most of us are more comfortable with our social circle knowing we don’t have sex than we are with them knowing we buy sex toys, so we invest disproportionate convern in being outed as enjoying an open minded sex life.
      (Sorry. Did I fall into sexual sociological analasys there?)

    • I’m not so worried about all that. But having to retrieve my new njoy plug from my neighbours and finding the box all ripped up was a little tricky 😀

    • I think if I’d had to retrieve my new njoy plug from my neighbour, finding the box all ripped up would have been the least of my concerns. :-p

  9. Lol I know the parcel struggle too well! Glad you’ve finally got your toy and can have some fun and we all get to enjoy this sexy snap!
    Aurora x

  10. Yes, yes and yes please!

  11. Not quite the fun I’d really like … but I guess we take what we can. 🙂

  12. I don’t think there’s a single unjustifiable thing about this dildo… except the color (FUCK’S SAKE WHY IS EVERYTHING PINK!?!?)… ahem. It looks wicked hot stuffed down your pants. I dig the alliteration!

    • The one thing that I’m confident will never justify my purchase is use: as much as it is a major fantasy of mine (or at least half of that fantasy) for my Wife to fuck me with this toy, I cannot envisage that ever happening.
      I’m with you on the colour. The Share XL is also available in black, though I think that’s worse, and I think it used to come in blue as well, but I couldn’t find one of those, so pinky-purple was the best option.
      Colour of sext toys is an interesting question. Black is all a bit too BDSM for me. In most situations I’m vehemently opposed to pink, though not all. I’m not sure anyone would buy a green, yellow or brown plastic dick. Purple is a favorite of mine, but that easily tends towards pink. I suppose flesh-coloured is an option, but with so many sex toys tending away from literal anotomical representation, is that the right choice? Red is OK, I guess. Orange and blue would be good. What colour would you choose for a dildo?

    • I would *totally* buy a green and yellow dildo – Packers dick! >< Seriously, though, I would. I think black sex toys are hot, but then again – I am into BDSM. I guess my issue with pink is that so often it's the only choice. I also find "flesh-colored" problematic, because when a lot of companies make "flesh-colored" toys, they're the color of white people's flesh – not representative. I would buy a brown dildo… my partner has brown skin, so that would feel fitting to me. Really, I want bright, fun colors – scarlet, cerulean, teal, yellow-orange, gold, forest green. Anything but pink!

    • I agree completely about bright, fun colours. I feel exactly the same about latex fetishwear.

    • You two should check out if you want colourful dildos.!

    • I’ve clicked through to their site from Sinful Sunday before, but for some reason they didn’t come to mind. Good call.
      I’m far more interested in colourful latex fetishwear, not the ubiquitous high-street red and black. It isn’t hard to find, but much like Godemiche sex toys, as they are artisanal, you pay a premium for colour.

    • I would *love* to have a Godemiche dildo… maybe for Christmas!

    • Does the right person read your blog?

    • Definitely not.

    • Then lets hope Santa reads your blog and has an account with Godemiche.

  13. I figgin love your undies, they are epic.

    As for the parcel delivery, it sounds like a series of close scraps to me with some almost heart stopping moments but clearly you were meant to get the package in the end


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