Focus on the job in hand

It’s oft said that the key to a good oral sex is eye contact. Whilst what you do with your mouth is debatably more important, I’d say the eye contact aspect is a little more complicated than that. It’s not just about looking at your lover as you lick the juices from their genitals – it’s about what you say with your eyes.

When my Wife sucks me off, even if She looks up at me, She does not infer any lust on Her behalf. I once asked Her if She enjoyed wanking me. She said it wasn’t something She actively liked, though She likes what it does for me. Whilst She doesn’t look as though She finds fellatio an onerous task, nor actively unpleasant, I have no reason to believe She finds it any more pleasurable than giving me a hand-job.

Whatever kind of sex I’m have, a significant degree of pleasure comes from the knowledge that my partner is enjoying it too. That applies as much to getting jerked off as it does tome going down, or being balls deep in an arse – if my partner isn’t enjoying herself, it doesn’t matter how explosive the orgasm is, for me at least, there will be something lacking.

Now whilst the woman in this video barely cracks a smile (she appears to be struggling not to grin when she’s gets showered in cum) the look on her face, the concentration, the sense of purpose, her diligence and focus on the job in hand, is really quite mesmeric.

3 Responses to “Focus on the job in hand”

  1. I love giving my husband a hand job like that with coconut oil..
    But I wouldn’t be able to stop myself from taking him in my mouth too…

  2. I’ve seen that video before and others like it. I like how She concentrates on the job, and also the CFNM aspects. If only my partner was like Her…

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