I’m blaming Jo

It’s your fault, Jo. If you hadn’t been quite so enthusiastic about me trying to recreate your fantastic Sinful Sunday pose. You know the one. The shot from a low level, gazing up your gorgeous legs to your peach of an arse, all naked except for a pair of black fishnet stockings. This picture …

I’m blaming you, because if it wasn’t for you I wouldn’t have found myself contemplating whether I could still carry off a pair of fishnet stockings. (I say still because it’s a long time since Geri asked me to fuck her whilst wearing her undies, and just as long since I wore lingerie to a sing-a-long performance of The Rocky Horror Show) [Ed: Just be thankful, Dear Reader, that if photos of AM in a basque, fishnets, a G-string and combat boots still exist, He doesn’t have them! That said, I’m afraid you can expect to judge for yourself whether He can still carry off fishnets on a Sinful Sunday soon.]

As I’m really not that bothered by the idea of cross dressing, I’m blaming you, Jo, for the fact that I ended up searching the web for cheap fishnet stockings. And so it’s your fault that I ended up on Bondara‘s website looking at their Stockings pages.

Obviously I can’t hold you directly responsible for the fact that on their sale page they had a very discrete male masturbator on offer for only £2.99 …

… and you’re not really responsible for me addressing my overdue purchase of some sex toy cleaner.

Nor did you actually insist that I wear stockings when I recreate your picture, so it’s probably stretching the point to take you to task for my ordering yet another Wedding Ring.

It’s not that I’m anywhere near being able to wear 4 stretchers, but I’d resolved to replace both my older collars with the newer style, so when I needed to add something to my stockings, fuck toy and sanitiser purchase to qualify for free postage …
Hang on …
This is starting to sound like it’s not your fault Jo.
Which it is.
None of this would have happened if you hadn’t goaded me into posing in hosiery.
This is your fault.
You need to think long and hard and about what you did. Long and hard … long and hard like … hmmmm … perhaps like the spanking you deserve. You know, the spanking you wrote about that got me … well … not so long, but defintiely hard. And that really was your fault Jo!

5 Responses to “I’m blaming Jo”

  1. Oh – this is so delightful! I’m laughing SO hard! It would probably interest you to know that I’ve been on not one, but *two* Rocky Horror Picture Show shadow casts, so I come by the fishnets and spankings honestly. Sadly for you, I’m a bratty sub, so I take none of the blame. None at all. Those weren’t my fingers on the keyboard, mister!

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